Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Updated for moderation

After saturday, we will have a Republican nominee for the 51st district House of Delegates race.

It could Julie Lucas, a good Republican with a long history of service to our party and committee, who has served the community with distinction as a member of the school board, and in various other capacities.

Or it could be Faisal Gill, also a good Republican with a long history of service to our party and committee, who served his country in the Military, and in the White House, and in the Department of Homeland Security, as well as serving on the local Housing board and in various other capacities.

Which ever candidate wins on Saturday will deserve support. In that spirit, I am spending some time cleaning up some previous posts. Mostly minor re-writes, removing names and changing objects to focus on the issues that were raised in the past few weeks, rather than focusing on people. I'll continue after the election.

I hope some others will come to their senses, and clean up their own messes. There's been a lot of rampant speculation and unsubstantiated gossip thrown around. A lot of "I've heard this", or "it looks like", or "there might be's". The ethical thing is to contact people when you think they've done something, to see if there's more to the story. Obviously this week is "dump the garbage" week at some sites. There's no excuse. But after Saturday, they'll be no time pressure, so hopefully a little more fact-checking might be in evidence.

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James Young said...

It's quite an occasion, Charles, when you and I are the voices for moderation.