Friday, May 25, 2007

By BVBL's Math, Gill's more appealing to Republicans than Lucas

UPDATED: to make more about issue and less about a person.

Update 9:52pm. BVBL has hidden his blog from my access, so I no longer can read what he writes. I can't be responsible for bad links now that I can't use them.

BVBL's bizarre post complaining about Gill bringing in new voters has, as I said before, a false charge against some new republican voters, and a complaint about Gill attracting new people to the party.

But that's not all that's funny. Originally, Faisal Gill filed 745 delegates to Lucas's 511. But with 50 duplicates to Julie's 2, that leaves Faisal with 695, and Lucas with 509. Then there are the 68 new voters that have not been able to register because registrations are suspended before a primary.

If you assume the Lucas campaign will be successful in denying all those delegates their opportunity to vote, even if they file registrations before the convention and thereby meet the RPV plan rules, that would leave Faisal ahead in raw numbers, with 628 to Lucas' 509, a difference of 119 delegate forms.

However, a BVBL poster, trying to do simple math, said: That makes this a very close race. Maybe only twenty votes apart.

Of course, that is minor compared to BVBL's major gaffe on this matter. In trying to smear Faisal Gill, BVBL looked at the 68 new voters and made the claim "So much for the idea of Faisal Gill appealing to Republicans". BVBL's suggestion was that since 68 of Gill's people were new, his remaining delegates weren't enough to show a real appeal for republicans.

But of people who were already registered Republican voters, Gill OUT-SIGNED his opponent by 119 votes. So if Gill's 628 delegates suggests a "lack of appeal", what does Lucas only getting 509 mean? I guess BVBL is saying that Julie Lucas is even MORE unappealing to Republican voters.

In reality, both candidates got more delegates signed up than were signed up in the 50th district race last year. The TWO candidates should be commended for their hard work and success in getting delegates, not attacked for getting new voters.


James Young said...

Look at the bright side, Charles: this is GREAT evidence in Steve Chapman's lawsuit against Greg.

Wonder if it will be the only one?

Charles said...

It amazes me that Greg puts his family at risk like this.

The one thing I don't know is if Greg really is SO scared about Faisal Gill being a delegate that he's willing to risk losing his house over it.

It's hard to imagine -- We've had some really terrible delegates and they haven't destroyed our state.

I used to want Greg to get off, for them to settle, but it's hard to want that when you see what results when people have no boundaries of taste or fact.

James Young said...

General practitioners --- or "real lawyers," as I affectionately refer to them --- love clients who want to fight battles (losing or not) for "principle." I have a sneaking suspicion that Greg's lawyer will make a lot of money, and he'll quite possibly be left destitute, all to indulge his irrational hatred.

What is truly incredible is that I also have a sneaking suspicion that it all could have been avoided early on with a simple apology.