Friday, March 31, 2006

Whose country is it, anyway?

A picture is worth a thousand words:

These particular protestors aren't interested in amnesty, or in citizenship. They seem to be interested in taking back their country from the invading European army. That would be us, the legal immigrants and their descendents. If this was a picture of American Indians protesting, it might have more validity. But this doesn't look like American Indians to me:

As says The Mexica Movement,

First they invade our continent in 1492.They kill 95% of our population.And they tell us none of our land is ours anymore.Finally, they now tell usthat they want us of out of our own continent,the part that they stole from usand that they used to get rich.
If this sentiment seems almost rational to you, check out their report on the march. One precious quote among many:
One of the more negative parts of the march was when American flags were passed out to make sure the marchers were looked on as part of "America".
That's right, it was such a negative that these people, living and working in the United States, were forced to lie to us about their intentions by carrying American flags. Oh, for the day when they are a majority and no longer have to lie about their intention to take over and throw us all out. There are good, decent people waiting for a chance to enter our country legally, to become part of OUR society, to make THIS nation their own. They are prevented because their slots are filled with people in our country ILLEGALLY who hate our culture, hate our country, and can't wait for the day they can turn the United States into a greater Mexico. And the Senate wants to let them, so long as they pay a couple thousand dollars for the privilege and learn at least a little english. Of course, after 11 years they would have the 'privilege' of becoming citizens. The next day 11 million america-haters would be able to vote. For people who think like they do. For people who want to open the country to all of mexico, and kick out the European invaders. There are of course millions of legal immigrants. And there are many illegal immigrants who want nothing to do with our country, who just want to make money and go back home. But when 500,000 people show up at a march, and they follow people carring signs that call for the overthrow of America by mexicans, it's hard to think about those who don't agree.

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