Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Protests

The protests for the immigrants have definitely gotten out of hand. For example, at my school, in order for me to be able to get to P.E. on time, I need to walk outside. However, due to the protests, nobody in my school is allowed to leave the building. So I walk in fear of getting a detention just because some people didn't bother to fill out papers and take a few hours to legally get across the borders, and now are upset because some law is being passed against them. I was born here, so I don't know why the immagrants are coming here, so I am sorry if I offend some one.

Now, normally I don't like to voice my opinion because I am always judged because of my opinion. So this is a big thing for me. Yah, yah, stop your complaining. Just be happy that I'm spelling correctly and capitalizing.

Anyways, I have heard many children in my school are going to protest tomorrow. The color (as I've heard) for tomorrow will be white, and a lot of kids enjoy the protests because it gives them a chance to skip school.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not against Hispanics. I even have some friends who are Hispanic. However, just think, why do we (citizens of the U.S.) learn Spanish? Is it just so that in two years when Mexico takes over the U.S. we can talk with the invaders? If Mexicans come here shouldn't they learn English? When my great-grandmother came here from Russia no one learned Russian for them, they set aside their time to learn English.

Look around your neighborhood. How many of your neighbors are Hispanic? The majority of them? It seems like Hispanics are taking over, and they are changing the U.S. If the Mexicans hated Mexico enough to come here illegally, then why are they changing the United States of America into the United States of the New Mexico? We already have a New Mexico, we don't need a bigger one!

Well, that's all I have to say about that!

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