Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Playing with the blog

I've been working on my templates, now that I figured out there were settings I hadn't looked at (like the times). I actually liked the template I used over at http://criticallythinking.blogspot.com, but decided to try this template you are looking at instead. I hope it isn't any harder to read -- I think it's a bit easier, but everybody has their own opinion I'm sure.

If you are a reader and find this intolerable, just post a comment here, and I'll try something else. If you have a reason for the problem, post it and maybe I can correct the issue.


Shaun Kenney said...

I like this design better (easier on the eyes).

Try oswd.org for some other designs. There's plenty of open source web designs out there to borrow.

Charles said...

Thanks, Shaun. I'm learning all the html stuff as I go and might just keep tweaking myself now. I already modified some of the templates in this one, and will continue to play around with things.