Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Shaun Kenney, not Sean Kenney

I added www.shaunkenney.com to my link list. Except I spelled it wrong: www.seankenney.com.

Turns out Sean Kenney is an avid Lego fan who builds lego sculptures.

Well, I am a Lego fanatic myself, a true AFOLer. At first I thought I had just gotten the low-level directory wrong, and thought I had found out something interesting about a fellow blogger.

Well, I can't say whether Shaun likes Legos, just that it wasn't his web site. I've added Sean Kenney's website to my list of links, just because I can.

I also went through a "K'nex" period, and can build a house big enough to live in. Building toys are good for children and adults alike.

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