Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Outrageous - Illegal Immigration Alert

I don't care what your position is on immigration, you have to agree that this picture is an outrage:

This was the scene at a public school in California. People protesting laws against illegal immigrants were also seen with signs saying that the United States was THEIR land, and that we should be the ones to go home.

If you think "illegal immigrant" is just a harsh way to describe your gardener, who is a great guy and certainly not someone we should throw out of the country, realise that there are millions of illegal immigrants here now who want to take over the country (they say "take back"), and make it into their own.

We have reached the point where the illegals are comfortable with taking the day off from whatever work they do, and protesting in the streets of cities around the country. If our response is to put these people in the front of the immigration line, we will never stop the flow of illegals.

And if we signal that citizenship is for sale (The Senate bill requires two $1000 payments (fines)), we will have debased the sacrifice that so many legal immigrants have made through the years to come to this country, learn our language and laws, and become productive citizens of this great nation.

We wouldn't let another country's army invade us and take over -- why are we letting them do it with unarmed civilians?

UPDATE: Sophrosyne over at NovaTownHall had this earlier in Disrespect for America from Illegal Immigration Advocates, and he includes links to Michelle Malkin.

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