Friday, March 31, 2006

Blog Introspection 2

To answer a question: I do not tell conservathing two what to write. Because she is new to blogging, I have provided some bit of guidance regarding target audiences and reviewing posts. I will expect to e-mail her with comments on her posts if I think she might want to edit them (for example, I asked if she could try some paragraphs for her last post, which she seems to have done).

I think it is just coincidence for example that I've written several articles about immigration and she happened to write about it as well. After all, the protests have just been in the paper for most of us, but she is experiencing them first-hand as a student in schools where kids are talking about this issue.

It could be that she will read what I write and then mimic it, but I doubt it, and if I think that is happening I might drop another note -- it's not my intention for us to tag-team an issue. I would think that politics to a young teenager has to look different than it does to us old-timers.

I was inspired to try this experiment after having some pretty deep conversations with children about serious issues, where I found they really tried to understand the facts, and to form opinions that had firm foundations. I want to encourage that kind of thinking. I don't want people to agree with me because it's me, I want them to come to the same conclusions I do because the facts preclude any other conclusion.

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