Tuesday, March 28, 2006

HI! Have no fear! Conservative 2 is here!

ok, um, well, 1 said to post anything so here i am. posting anything! ok, um, just a few things:

i hate capitalizing stuff, so, ya, don't expect it to be capitalized (in case i decide to capitalize it, and hit the all caps button by accident)

i can't spell. so everything will be spelled wrong, and it will remain that way until i get enough complains to make me search for the spelling button

so, i think that's it. for now anyways. i have some stuff that i'll post later, but i have to get 1 to tell me how to site websites. by the way, in case you people are slow (but if you are slow - why are you into politics?) '1' is conservative 1. i just don't like typing c-o-n-s-e-r-v-a-t-i-v-e . i think it would be funnier if it was conserva-THING 1 and 2, but i'll have to talk to 1 about changing it.

here's a mind boggeler:
if democrats (librel) are the ones pro-environment and 'conservative' of the environment, then why are republicans called 'conservatives'? just a question to get your minds to kick into gear.

well, i have to do other stuff on the internet, like get on one of my other 'joint blogs'. maybe if i feel like it, and get permission from 1, i'll post the website on here. it just depends........

well, see yall later!
Conservative 2


James Young said...

So, conservative two is e.e. cummings?

Anonymous said...

Friend, I think you need a different "Conservative 2". He may be the most brilliant man ever born, but if he can't even capitalize correctly he's not the brilliant communicator that's needed here.

I wish I didn't have to say this. I hate throwing rocks at a fellow traveller.

Charles said...

Conservathing two is a female child. I believe she was tweaking me a bit with the capitalization, but I'll let her answer.

I will say that this is an experiment that has a high degree of risk, it could be like water and oil.

My vision is to bring in some youngsters who will then read serious discussion and give their opinions. ConservaThing two's job is to attract those youth, while also honing her communication skills and getting to talk about more serious matters.

I may make a new entry tomorrow to explain this better, assuming she doesn't get here first.

conservathing two said...

Yeah, listen to #1, he knows what he's talking about. I'm just the oil in this experiment.