Sunday, July 22, 2007

Think the Bruce Lee people will be back?

While i'm waiting to write up the "interesting" Washington Post article about Greg, I'm wondering....

Now that Greg's blog has national attention, and not in a good light, will the Bruce Lee people be back to ask Greg to stop using the name?

Remember that a while back, the lawyers of those who own the Bruce Lee name contacted Greg telling him to stop using the name. His response (I'm sure it's still written on his web site, for those Greg allows to read it) was to mock them by changing the name to a phonetic copy. Oh, and to remove Bruce Lee's picture.

Meanwhile, if you search google for "Black Velvet Bruce Lee", Greg's site comes up number one. Which essentially means it's still his name. Probably the Bruce Lee people didn't care, it's just some local blogger.

But now Greg is embarrasing them on a national level, associating the name of Bruce Lee with views I'm sure don't help the franchise. And they probably think it odd that an anti-illegal-immigrant partisan blog with commenters who regularly attack anybody not "american" is named after a U.S. citizen born to a foreign father and raised in another country.

BTW, did you know that Bruce Lee's name was also "Li Yuen Kam"? Makes the "Li-Lee" change rather meaningless.

One danger of becoming a "celebrity" is that you put yourself in the crosshairs when you put yourself in the spotlight. There are things a blogger can get away with in anonymity that a public figure will be crucified for. One has to wonder if Greg is about to experience that, or if he will be spared. I hope if there IS a lesson taught, it isn't an expensive one.

Note: It could well be that the simple change of a letter was sufficient to protect Greg, or more likely that the Bruce Lee people really don't feel like bothering. If they did, it could be expensive even if Greg would prevail -- and I'd hate to imagine spending big bucks defending the use of a name that I didn't even come up with, but rather stole from another blogger after he ran into hiding to avoid having to pay up for libel.


Anonymous said...

My god, you're sexy. Take me, take me now.

Charles said...

OK, that is certainly one of the scarier and more off-topic posts that I've had.

Bwana said...

Actually, I think he was contacted by them some time ago, which led to the Lee >>> Li change