Monday, July 16, 2007

BVBL Poster Terribly Confused on Many issues

In a recent thread on BVBL attacking Police Chief Deane, the poster John Light, ever vigilant in his one-track obsession with overturning the 51st district convention, posted a comment so wonderfully festooned with errors that I couldn't resist it's malodorous splendor:

Well said, Greg, just like there should be the non-support ALL Republicans should openly give for Faisal Gill. When former head of the KKK David Duke won the Republican nomination to run for Governor of Louisiana a few years back, Republicans nationwide openly spoke out against him and many elected Republican officials nationwide supported his Democratic oponent, and rightfully so.

Louisiana doesn't have primaries, or more exactly, they have an open primary. David Duke did not win the "republican nomination". He put his party as "Republican", but the Republican party never accepted him, even beforet the open primary. In an open primary, anybody can run for the election, and claim any political party, there is no ability for a party to reject a nominee.

In the race for Governor, Duke, who had previously run for office as a Democrat before winning a house seat as a Republican, came in 2nd in the open primary, knocking out the incumbent republican in the process. He barely got more votes in the runoff, thus sticking Loiusiana with a crook for a Governor.

The difference between David Duke and Faisil Gill is, where David Duke wanted blacks and Jews to be hung from the highest tree, Faisal Gill is “proud of his service” (his words) to the American Muslim Council, whose objective is that ALL non-Muslim Americans DIE.

The American Muslim Council does not have as it's objective the death of all non-Muslim Americans. The AMC was not involved in terrorism or in support of terrorism, and was not so involved at the time of Gill's work as a political consultant for the organization. The head of the FBI spoke to the AMC in 2002, after Gill's involvement, and praised the organization.

We are now well into a month since the convention and still no ruling from Kopko. I support you for these blogs on the illegals, but they have since taken over BVBL when maybe they should be at “Help Save Manassas”.

I suspect Greg wants to keep the more zenophobic comments OFF the HSM web site, and on his own site where he can control who reads and posts. It would be bad for Greg and for HSM if the national media were to pick up that the group had members proposing an armed march through the streets where illegals are suspected of living. Better to keep the "inside discussion" over in a somewhat out-of-the-way place.

While it’s true this IS your website, Greg, and you have done nothing short of a miracle with your in depth reporting and investigations in local matters, let’s stick with the mission statement of “Black Velvet Bruce Li provides you with local political coverage for Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas Park. Our goal is to give voters the information they need in order to make informed decisions about how they might vote.” (

JL seems to think that commenters are part of some "Our" the manages BVBL, and that BVBL needs his commenters to tell him what to do, which in this case is to stop discussing a very important national matter which is also the hottest local problem we have, so we could instead waste our time re-discussing a stale story about trying to throw out valid votes so JL's good friend could be handed a nomination to an election she'd never win under those circumstances.

I may take a pledge to support all Republican candidates, but if I lived in the 51st, I would say that I DO support the winner of that convention and that winner is Julie Lucas.

Faisal won the convention. He had more delegates, he had more delegates show up, he had more delegate votes, and his delegates voted in precincts giving him more weighted votes. The convention ruled him the winner, and no objection or appeal was made to that ruling at the convention.

It is only since the convention that an argument has been made to throw out legitimate delegate votes in order to overturn the results of the election. That argument is based on a fallacious reading of Robert's Rules, mis-applied to precincts, and is a technical argument which is meant to change the outcome of the convention, but would not change who the "winner" was, any more than the NCAA deciding to require Oklahoma to forfeit games played makes their opponents "Winners".

Like Chief Dean, Faisil is a liability to the Republican Party. When The Citadel went co-ed, unlike some, I did not roll over and say, “Ok, now that they are here, I fully support them being there.” No, because then everything I had said prior to their being admitted would be worth nothing.

First, I have no idea why Chief Deane is a "liability to the Republican Party". The Police Chief is not an elected position, precisely because we don't want to mix law enforcement and politics, something people calling for Deane's resignation aught to think about more clearly.

Second, I'd be curious what exactly it is JL actually DID to keep the Citadel from going co-ed, as it appears it happened whether he "supported" it or not. Nor am I certain why an argument ending with a stated refusal to support the fact that the Citidel is Co-ed, or to support the women who were now legally there, should be seen as a desirable one.

Would JL be protesting those women who are attending the Citidel now? Or refusing to acknowledge them as graduates? Refusal to accept reality is not generally a good thing.

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