Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer Days

Last year at this time I was beginning rehabilition from some unknown back problem which atrophied the muscles in my leg.

A year later, I haven't lost another pound, I've mostly stopped my exercises, and certainly am likely to end up injured again if I don't straighten up and fly right.

But it's summer, and I've got lots to do. I will work out, I will try to control my eating, but I'm also going to be doing a LOT of theme parking with the kids, and I still have a job to do.

So if nothing gets posted here for a few days, I'm not in the hospital, I'm just too busy. If I actually DO end up in the hospital, this will be the FIRST place I'll be.

Tomorrow Night I hope to be in Falls Church for the NVTA hearing. I've got a 3-minute speech I want to give, in between dropping my daughter off for volleyball camp and picking her back up.

Friday, it's off to Goshen to vist my son at Scout Camp -- it's his first year, and I think it will be fun to show up and film something he's doing. Not looking forward to sleeping in a tent, but you have to take the good with the bad.

My car broke down last week going to KingsFest, but some really nice people got me towed, and got me a rental, and we made it to our concert, and my car got fixed, and I'm back on the road. Problem with a hybrid -- if anything breaks, it's probably not moving. This time it was the "inverter", a kind of really important part -- but it just as well could have been a corroded connection to a computer, pretty much any little electronic thing can leave you stranded in a modern car, and the hybrids are particularly dependent on at least a couple of computers.

I was hoping to write a post about the experience, maybe this weekend I'll get a chance. BTW, have I said I hate traffic? Last Friday before the car broke on 95 we had spend over an hour and a half getting most of the way to Fredericksburg, which should have been a 45-minute drive.

Saturday it took me another 2 hours to get BACK to Fredericksburg to pick up the car. Two days in a row, same immovable traffic nightmare on 95. BOTH directions -- I kept thinking about the movie "Existenz" (not spelled right, but it wasn't spelled right either), about people travelling by swapping brain patterns. I was thinking it was too bad that everybody down south wanted to come north, while everbody north wanted to go south.

Forget hybrid cars, I want my rocket car. Or a personal transporter.

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Anonymous said...

There is only one way to conquer a back problem....a couple of shots of whiskey. Forget the doctor. All they want to do is hack on you. However, I wouldn't advise drinking before you set off on a car trip, unless you have Del. Albo on retainer.