Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I've Been Tagged

In a civil society, sometimes one must bow to convention, or even to the unconventional and bizarre notions of community.

Such as being "tagged", an internet phenomenon in which one is asked to list 8 things that are either facts or habits. Then, having suffered yourself, you are supposed to inflict 8 other bloggers with the same task, I presume 8 that have not been tagged, although I imagine before too long finding those 8 untagged bloggers will be a monumental task.

If you think this is an idle concern, consider that a search for the phrase "I've been tagged" on Google returns 88 MILLION results. While they are not all for the game, a surprisingly large number ARE.

This is not the only "I've been tagged" around. Others have different rules, for example this one answered by BlogWorks asks a series of "4 things" questions. And here's one with five things that otherwise is like the eight things.

Most people are good-natured about it, but don't seem particularly thrilled to be tagged. Here's one guy though who actually tagged himself, it seems because he felt left out.

I was tagged by both Flora McDonald AND James Young, whose tag post Since You Asked includes this interesting revelation:

5. I was chosen as the speaker at my high school graduation ... by a committee
that included a lefty English teacher who threw me off of the forensics team for
an incredibly stupid reason.

Without hearing the story, is it wrong for me to say that I'm not surprised James would get himself thrown off a forensics team?

8 things.
  1. My Senior year of High School, I had a free period so I joined a friend on the debate team, whose topic that year was "How can the Criminal Justice System of the United States best be improved". My partner and I ended up taking 2nd place, and when the 1st-place team declined, we were invited to Chicago for the National debate competition. But I hate to travel, so I dropped out, and my friend got to go in my place.

  2. I majored in Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech. I graduated 1st in my class, although a grading snafu caused a vice dean thought I had slipped to 2nd place -- and he actually ANNOUNCED that at my graduation, suggesting I had slacked off. I imagine not too many people get dissed by a dean at their own graduation.

  3. I've really never known anybody famous. There may have been famous people around me, I simply never interacted with people of importance -- I hung out with the less ambitious, or at least less successful, crowd. Ham Radio club, Chess Club, Debate Team, morning announcements -- let's face it, those aren't the accomplishments you expect to find on the resume of the rich and famous.

  4. In 4th grade I was sent back to kindergarten for a day. In 5th grade I was sent back to 4th grade for a week. In 8th grade I may have failed a quarter of english, I can't remember. I took advanced classes and got B's. While most college-bound kids were taking AP courses, I spent 3 years in electronics shop class, learning how to fix TV sets.

  5. I didn't date until college, and married the first girl I seriously dated. I knew my wife in high school, but she was a jock, and I was a nerd, so we didn't really interact. Her sister asked me to watch out for her when she came to college, and I guess I took that responsibility seriously. I knew right away we'd get married, but it was almost 5 years before we did.

  6. I wanted to be an actor. I wanted to be a baseball player. I wanted to be a bike racer. I wanted to be a singer and songwriter. I wanted to be a comedian, a poet, and a writer. Engineer? not really. Programmer? never. Oh well.

  7. I own not one, but TWO hybrid electric Prius cars. Why? Because they exist, and they are good for the environment, and I see no point in making any greater impact to our planet than I have to. I was a Boy Scout, and try to live by the creed of leaving whereever I am better than I found it. Not that I succeed, but I try.

  8. I don't really have a favorite anything. On any particular day, something my be my favorite color, or movie, or book, but it's really just now how my mind works. I like lots of different things.

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