Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My Message to Marty Nohe regarding NVTA: VOTE NO

Here is a spruced-up version of the mail I sent to Marty Nohe, my "representative" on the NVTA.

As the Prince William representative to the NVTA, you are apparently MY representative to this unelected body, even though I did not have an opportunty to vote for you, nor can I vote you off the NVTA, or out of your supervisor's seat, if I am unhappy with your "representation".
Anyway, I felt you should still know what my opinion was on the matters you are considering, although you have no reason to respond to me since I am not the one you answer to.

I strongly oppose the regional taxing authority, AND any regional taxes. I was disgusted by the comments I read in the paper from people supporting this travesty. Most of us don't have enough interest in saving a few dollars to waste our evening, but those people who stand to gain greatly by stealing our tax dollars sure were happy to come forward and urge you to do their stealing for them.

I was especially disturbed by the business people who complained about how much their "employees" were inconvenienced by the traffic.

Their employees are not VICTIMS of the problem, they are the CAUSE of the problem. People who take jobs but choose to live in far-off distant lands, and then get upset when I won't give up more of my money to help them crowd our roads.

I pay my taxes in Prince William and Virginia, I live 3 miles from where I work, I stay off the roads when they are overburdened with commuters. In short, I've DONE MY PART. If employees want to live tens of miles from where they work, let them car-pool, or take buses, or just suffer through long traffic delays, until they get a clue and move to where they work.

Sorry, but you had to hear it from people who care but couldn't show up at the meeting. I thought Tom Salmon said it great anyway (Here's Tom's take on the NVTA public hearing he attended), if the paper accurately reported his words. But I wanted you to know there are a lot MORE of us who weren't there while some were begging for other people's money to pay for their own proclivities.

That's a great word, proclivities. It sounds just like people are being the selfish, self-centered beggars who just want other people to pay for their lifestyle TWICE, first because we can't use our local roads for local driving, and then again in extra taxes.

As to the specific taxes, most of them are stupid. Why should I have to pay money just to move from one place to another in the county? But you want me to pay thousands of dollars for the privilege. If I decided to move closer to where I work, you'll tax me, then you'll cost me a couple thousand selling my house by taxing my buyer who might also be upgrading within the county. All to give money to some greedy person who WON'T move closer to their work.

And taxing my CAR REPAIRS? What, if I want an oil change you want me to pay for someone else's road? But the guy who dumps his oil down the sewer, he gets off free?

Anyway, you get the point.

Represent ME. Vote NO.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what happens when the first big shot politician, who voted for the horrible Transportation Bill, shows up in court with a $3000 speeding ticket. Betcha he/she will be howling for mercy!

mom said...

Marty has no intention of voting no, after all, he will get the benefit of the additional taxes without having to answer for them in November. Curious how they only substantive "improvement" in PWC (and I consider the widening of the Parkway before other more immediate needs a personal affront) happens to be in his district. I don't consider the commuter lot on 15 an improvement as it will merely make the the current situation at the 66/15 interchange even more untenable. Guess the NVTA hasn't considered the negative effects of some of the proposed projects. As for the taxes themselves, for the most part they appear poorly conceived. For example, imagine the impact on local garages and service stations that lie within 5-10 miles of a county line for a jurisdiction not in the NVTA. It may not have much impact on small shops but consider the potential impact on those in Dumfries or Gainesville for example. I didn't notice any favorable comments from those business owners. Perhaps someone should ask the owners of the Goodyear franchises or perhaps Piedmont automotive.

The whole package is an abomination, but that's what you get when you consistently point the finger at Richmond for all the transportation woes. Granted, the GA bears its share of the blame but ultimately the onus lies with ALL the local BOCS. This is what happens when you approve a multitude of rezoning applications without infrastruture improvements in place. They will counter that if the residential housing isn't built in their county it will be built in the next one without the benefit of any proffers, but if residential housing is revenue negative, is that really a bad thing? While I'm ranting, what happened to the moratorium on rezonings, most members of the PWC BOCS seems to have forgotten about it in recent months, at least in instances where the developer hasn't pulled the application at the last moment. It is high time to take certain wishy-washy supervisors to task (Wally, Marty and Maureen come immediately to mind). I wonder what will happen at the first meeting in November, it being both post election and post moratorium. I know of at least three rezonings in Wally's district that have been deferrred to that meeting, curious isn't it.

Citizen Tom said...

Charles, GREAT POST! I like your letter better than mine.