Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Is the writing on the wall for the Lucas Appeal?

There hasn't been much written lately about the Lucas appeal of the 51st district convention, still being adjudicated by the 51st district committee.

But there are some ominous signs that some people are done sitting on the fence waiting, and are moving on -- something I strongly urge Julie Lucas to do as well, for herself if not for the party.

Congressman Tom Davis has now endorsed Faisal Gill for Delegate. As his chosen representative is the head of the 11th district committee which will next hear this appeal, this is not a good sign for those chances. I don't imagine Davis would endorse a candidate if he expected his committee to overturn that candidate's nomination, and I don't expect Becky Stoeckel will be as willing to step out on the ledge for her endorsed candidate Julie Lucas now that her boss has accepted the decision of the delegates of the 51st convention.

I could be wrong, and the Davis endorsement could mean nothing. But Davis is a major figure in Virginia politics, so I expect his endorsement to be a bellweather.


Anonymous said...

You mean Tom Kopko is letting the appeal sit on his dining room table waiting and waiting and waiting, just so people will get this "evitable feeling".

I can't believe you even wrote this post. If you want to "move on," then encourage Kopko to decide on this appeal now. Then we can move on, especially if you really think it has zero merit.

Anyone in the loop here knows that "51st District Committee" = Tom Kopko, and only Tom Kopko. Why not write that Charles?

f mcdonald said...

You have been tagged. Please go HERE for the rules. I promise I will never do this again.

Citizen Tom said...

"Davis is a major figure in Virginia politics, so I expect his endorsement to be a bellweather."

Although I do not have much use for Davis, I tend to agree.

The first commenter has a point about Tom Kopko letting the appeal sit on his dining room table. However, I think he misses the point.

In an appeal of this sort, there is no perfect answer. In such a case, delay is for the best. Letting the appeal sit a little while serves three purposes. It allows passions to cool, it allows Gill time to establish his legitimacy, and it allows Lucas to withdraw her appeal. In other words, the wait allows time for this whole stupid mess to waft away on the wind.

James Young said...

With all due respect, Tom, I don't think that most of the people advising/backing Lucas are smart enough to figure that out.

James Young said...

I would add that there are exceptions to that generalization.