Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Webb's Good Buddy Kerry calls McCain a liar.

Sure, you thought I was exagerating when I pointed out Kerry was attacking McCain. "No, he was just attacking Rush Limbaugh, not McCain".

Well, in his 2pm press conference, Kerry just said this, in response to a question about McCain's calling for an apology:

"John McCain knows that is not what I said."

So, John Kerry, best friends and bosum buddies with James Webb, is saying that John McCain is lying about what he said.

Webb, are you going to let this man, John Kerry, who you rightly dispised for so many years bacause of how he stabbed veterans like you in the back, call your good friend John McCain, a decorated veteran and POW, a liar?


joe said...

Wow, a Jon Henke copy and paste entry. Original...

Charles said...

What, did Jon copy my post?

I'll have to talk to him about that.