Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Is the Webb Campaign pressuring Women to keep Quiet?

BVBL has some stories about Webb from his days when he taught at the Naval Academy. It's again the 30-year-old stuff, and it's not what interests me.

However, in the comment section, a poster indicates that the Webb campaign has been calling women from those days, which is reminiscent of Clinton's campaign in 1992 fighting "bimbo eruptions. From BVBL's comment section:

This “Harrington Issue” has become quite an incident for concern. Many of Harrington’s classmates from the Academy, mainly women, have received calls from Joe Cato, USNA ‘80, and others from the Webb Campaigns Damage Controllers. The Webb folks, are quite concerned, as well they should be, that Webb’s tainted history will destroy his campaign.

It would be interesting to know if Joe Cato has contacted Harrington, would it not?

So, first question, is there a person named Joe Cato working for the Webb campaign? If so, does he deny calling classmates and pressuring them not to talk about Webb?

It's one thing to say that old stories are old stories -- we've wasted way too much time discussing what people said and didn't say when they were in college, especially when we have a 20-year public record indicating the opposite.

But any time an active campaign is trying to call people and keep them from talking, that is something that is of concern TODAY, because it indicates the current character of the candidate.

I've already taken shots at Webb for not controlling his own campaign as they launch tired attacks against his opponent while he pretends to be uninvolved. This is worse, if true.

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Riley, Not O'Reilly said...

I have seen no evidence of a Joe Cato on Webb's payroll on the FEC reports. That only means he isn't a paid staffer. He could be a supporter or informal adviser.

My main issue here is whether Jim Webb violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice and would have been subject to a court-martial or put the student in a position of being court-martialed.