Monday, October 02, 2006

Tape Delay Live Blog Allen's Virginia Address

OK, it's coming up. Scene/song from Lost. I Don't watch that show.

Here is is, Allen and his wife, standing together.

He decries the lack of issues in the campaign.

Acknowledges that some of the distraction was his own fault.

(This is great, wish he had done this earlier)

Going through his achievements. It always made me laugh when the commenters at NLS would run around screaming "But what has he done", and we'd post a dozen things and they'd be back the next day saying 'But what has he done'.

2 minutes isn't enough. I'd love to see a candidate do a 10-minute presentation about an issue, to show how complicated the real world is and how sound bites won't cut it.

Perot was a nutcase, but his 30-minute shows were very educational.

UPDATE: YouTube has it now:


Citizen Tom said...

Good job! I hope Allen keeps to his promise to focus on debating the issues. I believe the voters want to hear from him why they should vote him.

Allen does not need to attack Webb. Webb does not need any help putting his foot in his mouth.

Timmy said...


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Tim Malacarne