Saturday, June 17, 2006

I've taken up residence

at What I mean is, I would normally have blogged about a few storys from late this week But instead I spent the morning fixing a computer (part of my hard disk went bad, but for now I've managed to resurrect it) and fixing my network (my wireless simply stopped giving out network addresses -- I ended up hard resetting and reloading).

Meanwhile, yesterday I waded into a conversation over at novatownhall about the marriage amendment, and decided to start arguing the points running around in my head to see how they stood up to opposition. That has turned into a dozen comments most longer than my typical posts. Of course I use too many words.

Anyway, head over to novatownhall to their thread Family Foundation: Marriage Campaign Well Underway , and I'll see if I can get something up before bed tonight here.

Tomorrow I'm spending father's day at Kings Dominion, in the vain hope that I'm the only one who thought of it (I understand that mothers day is a great day for parks, but fathers day probably isn't). In any case I won't be blogging.

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