Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Connaughton nominated to head Maritime Administration

I'm not first, or even the most comprehensive, but the Potomac News has the story online:

President Bush announced late today that he is nominating Sean T. Connaughton, chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, to be the next administrator of the U.S. Maritime Administration.
Since the Administrator position is full-time, Connaughton will resign his position as board chairman upon being confirmed and sworn into office.

I add my congratulations to the many others on the net. A presidential appointment is a big deal, and hopefully Sean will not be derailed or sidetracked by partisan bickering in the Senate. I can't imagine there would be any problems with his nomination, but sometimes these are held up for reasons having nothing to do with the nominee or position.

On the blogosphere, it's hard to say who had the story first, because apparently some people knew the facts for some time but understood that leaking the story could nix the nomination, so their stories waited for official word.

Others who maybe didn't have such good contacts also apparently had no agreement to stay silent.

And some were apparently surprised by the announcement, at least of Sean's impending resignation, but knew the underlying story before it was official.

My favorite quote from TC, who I'm certain was conflicted between his undying support for Tom Davis and his supernatural attraction for all things Sean, after seeing Human Events crediting Tom for pushing this appointment:

I believe Connaughton got this job on his own merit. We should be congratulating him, and not Congressman Davis for the achievement.

If it keeps raining, Prince William may need a little of Sean's maritime expertise before he moves on. :-)

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