Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The answer is Exercise.

I've been two three doctors about my current leg pain. I had previously been to doctors for a knee problem, a shoulder problem, and a dizziness problem.

In every single case, the prescription given was -- exercise. Yes, even the dizziness had an "exercise" which reset the stabilizers or something.

I now have a cool picture of my spine with two disks looking a bit droopy, squeezing into the little spine pockets. Years of being overweight do take their toll.

I am now officially down 24 pounds from my first doctor's visit, and have 53 pounds to go before I am no longer "obese", and another 25 or so to be "normal".

But my leg is beginning to feel better, and I now have real hope that one day I will realise that it hasn't hurt in a while.

I'll put the finishing touches on my column tomorrow morning, and then try to get some posts up. To tell the truth, I was afraid to post anything because I don't like to post ahead of time about what I'm writing about (I know I've done that as recently as last week), so when I'm not sure what I want to write about I don't want to post anything.

I've gotten hooked on Digital Cable music, I mostly listen to the contemporary christian while I'm blogging. They are now playing one of my current favorite songs -- just because of the tune's chord changes in the chorus. Music fascinates me. The song "All in the Serve", by Michael W. Smith.

I also plan to put my Train pictures up at my brickshelf site, and will include a link here in case anybody wants to see what they missed. I've got to edit them all for size first.

I can't believe the kids have less than two weeks of school left. Time has really flown by.


nova_middle_man said...

Good to hear you are getting better good luck fighting towards your goal

NoVA Scout said...

You deserve great cheers of support for the substantial progress you've made so far. It's a very difficult thing to lose weight and the people who do it show a lot of discipline and character. Keep at it, man. congratulations and sincere best wishes for the rest of the journey. I'd be interested in a post in a year describing how you feel physically then as opposed to a year ago.

Charles said...

Thanks for the good wishes. I wish I could take more credit for the weight loss, but mostly it was just that I apparently snack a lot, and it's hard to snack when you can't get up to go to the snacks.

Now that I can walk again, I've gotten used to not eating.

We'll see how it's going in another month.....