Saturday, August 25, 2007

NLS falls for GoodByeFaisals misinformation campaign

Or is he being purposely disingenous? It's hard to imagine Ben is actually stupid enough to believe this stuff, but I certainly don't want to suggest he's perpetuating stuff he knows to be false.

Anyway, NLS reports "Gill's Employer Linked to Al Qaeda?":

Faisal Gill needs to drop out of this campaign.
UPDATE: Loudoun Insider has thoughts.

OK, the "WOW" is a link to GoodByeFaisal, the headline of which is: "Treasury Says Gill's Boss Alamoudi Funded Al Qaeda".

Of course, the implication is that "Treasury" has called Alamoudi "Gill's Boss", but they have not. And in fact, Alamoudi was never "Gill's Boss". In fact, AMC was never "Gill's Boss" either, and GBF is trying to take that false charge and an inaccurate relationship between Alamoudi and AMC at the time Gill was providing consulting services for AMC to suggest that somehow Gill was working for Alamoudi, which is a false charge with no evidence.

GBF also claims there is some "evasiveness" about what Gill did for AMC, but I've seen no such evasiveness. The contract for service was a small one, a few thousand dollars, and involved setting up meetings with administration officials. Gill was never the "chief lobbyist", AMC had their own employees for that, but it doesn't stop GBF from making the claim.

The funny thing is, JMarks has been making this charge for months, it's been on GoodByeKen, GoodByeFaisal, over in comments at BVBL, and even leaked into other more serious and factual blogs.

And yet NLS reports this as if it is something new? What, has Ben been living in an isolation booth somewhere? Seems hard to imagine.

See numerous posts over at FansOfFaisal for refutation of many of the baseless allegations made about Faisal and his service to our country as a valued member of the Department of Homeland Security. Faisal's boss at DHS has said great things about his service, and has endorsed him for Delegate.

The FBI investigated all charges against Faisal and found them to be baseless. Of course, that doesn't stop dishonest people from linking to old internet articles written BEFORE the investigations, to suggest the charges are still in question. It's just a little surprising to see NLS acting like stories like this are somehow news or news to him.

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Anonymous said...

This is not the first time for Ben. Ben passed on what BVBL said too. I guess Ben has never heard of Ronald Reagan's advice: " Trust, but verify".