Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So, When Obama says the future is not for those who "slander"

Mohommed (by telling the truth about him, for example), is that because he knows we'll get blown up or otherwise murdered? Because in this, Obama does speak the truth -- unless we make a stand, the future is not for those who do not submit to the islamic state. Some religions will win you over by flattery, others by deception. Then there are those who will threaten violence if you do not submit, and will kill you if you try to leave. Better to stick with the truth. The religions of men may be fun, may be enticing, or may be threatening -- but none will lead you to the promised land, or truly satisfy. Obama, sorry if I've slandered you, or some so-called "prophet" (why is it that Jesus is just Jesus, but Mohommed is now "The Prophet Mohommed"? is the entire media afraid of being suicide-bombed?). Except the truth is not "slander". You should try it sometime.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Difference between Conservatives and Liberals

The comments Romney made back in May in a private meeting with donors illustrates one difference between liberals and conservatives. No, not the statement itself. But look at the "discussion" on liberal websites, and conservative websites. For example, on National Review, you have an adult, heavy conversation about the issues of givers and takers, about what makes people vote for or against a candidate. About demographics, and motivations. In short, a real learning experience. Romney did that. He provoked a rational healthy discussion. Look for that on a liberal website. Sorry, but the conservative movement is much more likely to debate, to explore, and to even reason and shift opinions based on facts.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Guardsman jailed for running with training rifle

In a story that has to be read to be believed, , a Virginia Guardsman has been arrested for running with his training rifle, and charged with terrorism.

Yep, terrorism.

Seems he scared some people. "Terrorized" them, in fact.

A West Virginia man arrested while running in desert camouflage with an AR-15 training rifle is a member of the Virginia National Guard who served a tour of duty in Iraq, and his father says he’s not a terrorist.

Seems he was running with his gear. That doesn't appear to be illegal, although maybe there are people who wish it was. But unfortunately, he managed to run too "near" to a school, hence violating a national law that prohibits guns near public schools.

Now he is stuck in jail, instead of training for his next mission protecting us from terrorists.

Meanwhile, the Obama administraion keeps looking for ways to release real terrorists.