Saturday, August 04, 2007

"Independence Day" movie, my take's different from Democratic Central

Democratic Central watches Independence Day (an enjoyable enough movie):

It's on cable tonight, and every time I see it, I thank God that the aliens had a computer that used Mac OS, had the same wireless protocol, and didn't have anti-virus software. But how did Jeff Goldblum know that?

Meanwhile, I watch it and am thankful that Reid and Pelosi weren't in charge of congress in the movie. Because they probably would have opposed the war. They certainly would have bemoaned how terrible the fight was going, how we were losing, how our good men and women were dying for a fight we shouldn't be in.

Oh, and Jeff Goldblum would probably have never developed his virus. Because he'd probably have been in jail for eavesdropping on the alien's communications, since they included a point inside our country.

But that's just a movie. On the other hand, if Reid and Pelosi and the current Democratic leadership had been in charge during the Revolutionary war, we'd probably have lost that as well, since they never would have allowed the domestic interception of letters like the one that revealed Benedict Arnold's plan, a plan which could well have won the war for the British.

Sorry, but while the President is upset that the Democrats were going to go on recess while this important surveillance program languished, he's being too kind -- the Democrats have been sitting on this for MONTHS already, months during which we've certainly missed more than one piece of critical communication. Forget "recess", the Democrats have been on recess pretty much since they took over -- a recess where they're the new bullies and they spend all their time pushing people around, instead of taking up the business of actually protecting this country from the next attack.

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Anonymous said...

I always thought the Democrats were in charge during Independence day, since we ran out of missles during combat.