Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm not dead, just resting

One of my favorite lines from Monty Python "It's not dead, it's just resting"

Anyway, we're still here, just "resting". OK, I did get tired of all the fighting and bickering, about the incompetence and impotence of the GOP, and the general tone of politicial discourse.

So I've been busy with other things. I worked on losing enough weight to clear the Boy Scout maximum weight limits before I went to summer camp. I had a business trip. I spent a lot of time on the train show, and my wife and daughter took a trip to Costa Rica.

I have to get back into blogging. I like writing for the paper, but the restriction to write only about local things drives me nuts.

Frankly, what is happening nationally is the most critical local issue we have.

What we need to do here in Virginia is to consider passing a law preventing the federal government from taking over our lives. If our representatives in the house and senate won't protect our liberties, our state government needs to take action to prevent the feds from ruining our state as they ruin the country.

The government has no business messing around with my health care, or anybody else's health care. If you need a doctor, go see a doctor. If the doctor wants money, pay them. If you are smart, you will buy insurance so if you have a major illness, you can get treatment, just like you insure your car and house. But if you have a cold, pay for it. If you need a drug, pay for it. Or get a job that gives you comprehensive insurance, or buy comprehensive insurance and cancel the cable -- that will benefit you in TWO ways.

But don't tell me that I have to change how I use MY money to provide for my family, just because some other people think it costs too much for them to take care of themselves. I don't have to buy "food insurance" to guarantee I can eat dinner, why should I have to buy health insurance?

Nothing, NOTHING in the constitution gives the government the right to interfere with people's health care. It's not commerce, it's not security, it's simply government meddling.

Cap and trade is STUPID because they are solving a problem that doesn't exist, with programs that will kill the economy without making a difference. But at least the problem they THINK they are solving is one that makes sense for government to solve, since the government IS responsible for keeping the commons available for the masses.

But not so with Health Care, or with their interference in private business like taking over the auto industry, or taking billions of our tax dollars to pay off their union buddies who elected them.

Fortunately, America is waking from it's slumber. Unfortunately, those in power could care less what is good for America, OR what Americans say they want. They have a plan to remake our country in their marxist image, and they seem hell-bent on implementing it.

Hopefully, we will elect some conservatives this fall, so that Virginia can be a beacon of hope for our nation, as it was in the beginning. Virginia has the chance to lead our country out of darkness, if we can get out of the darkness ourselves first. 7.3 percent unemployment -- I never thought I'd see that here in Virginia, even with Democrats in charge. We used to elect better Democrats I guess.

And of course, the real unemployment is much worse; Northern Virginia is pretty much driving that number down because of all the government make-work jobs Obama is pushing for his public union buddies.