Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Holder: Guantanamo's great, but we'll close it anyway.

Leave it to the new Democratic administration to realise that Guantanamo bay is nothing like what they thought, but still stick to their stupid plan to close it.:

WASHINGTON – Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday the Guantanamo detention center is a well-run, professional facility that will be difficult to close — but he's still going to do it. Holder visited the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, on Monday and spoke to reporters about his trip during a news conference Wednesday.

In what world does that make sense? The fantasy world of the Obama Administration. If a federal program has failed miserably, like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, he wants to spend billions more on it. But a "well-run, professional facility?" Shut it down, and use the money for programs that don't work.

Holder said his visit to the site was instructive. He met with military officials and toured the facilities, including the court setting where military commissions were to be held until Obama suspended them.

He said he did not witness any rough treatment of detainees, and in fact found the military staff and leadership performing admirably.

"I did not witness any mistreatment of prisoners. I think, to the contrary, what I saw was a very conscious attempt by these guards to conduct themselves in an appropriate way," he said.

The attorney general said none of those impressions alters the administration's goal of closing Guantanamo by January 2010.

My guess is that Guantanamo is run better than most of the in-state prison facilities where we will end up sticking these terrorists, until they get out on technicalities and launch new attacks on our country.

And when they do, Obama will no doubt blame Bush for "making them hate us". Obama would be a one-trick pony if he had any tricks at all.

Relative Lack of inexperience

Obama is one of the least experienced presidents we have ever had. As my wife said after watching him a little last night "He was like the head Cheerleader", rather than a President.

The local paper thought the most important quote from Obama was "The time to secure our future is here". The only thing more trite would be if he said "The time to secure our future is now" -- which at least would have had the advantage of showing the President knows how to use English. Really: The time is HERE? And I guess he is now.

But Obama is trying to look more experienced by appointing inexperienced, unqualified people to his cabinet (in retrospect, Clinton as Secretary of State looks positively golden, and she had never held a single position working with foreign issues before her appointment).

But the Democrats in congress will cover for him. I loved this comment about Carl Levin from Defense Daily:

{Carl} Levin says he “can’t foresee” opposing nominee for top Pentagon procurement post, but adds it’s “perfectly legitimate” to question Carter’s lack of acquisition experience at upcoming confirmation hearing.

Thanks, Carl, for suggesting that it's OK to ask why the nominee has never done the job he is being nominated for. Was there NO person in the aquisition department that was ready to take over the top job?

For Commerse, we now has former Governor Locke, who apparently has no commerce experience, but is another lobbyist. Remember when Obama was opposed to lobbyists, back when he was trying to get elected? Now it seems that lobbyists are the only people qualified to work in his administration.

When Obama DID nominated a qualified person for Commerse (Senator Gregg), he then drove him off by taking away all the department's responsibilities and essentially explaining that Gregg would be the "token experienced person".

Don't forget the Treasury secretary who didn't know how to do his taxes. That's good for a laugh, except then he had no idea what his plan was for saving the banks -- way to go, yes we can, ruin the economy.

When Obama said yesterday that he had never been in a helicopter, so he didn't know why he would need new Presidential copters, someone had to explain to him that the beanie with the propeller on his head wasn't the real Presidential copter, and that the real ones were fine except for the getting old and falling apart thing.

The hazard of overreaching

My column this week in the Manassas Journal Messenger is about overreaching in the illegal immigration policy debate.

Both sides are guilty of it. Mr. Sign Guy might be learning that by flouting the law, he does his cause great disservice. The HSM folks may someday learn that by pushing draconian rules that can't in the end be enforced and which eventually are revoked, they just make things worse.

The most recent example is Bob Marshall's attempt to put into law a requirement for proof of citizenship in order to register to vote. Unfortunately, because Bob was smart enough to know we couldn't retroactively force millions of Virginia citizens to re-register with proof of their citizenship, the anti-illegal crowd falsely labelled him "pro-amnesty", and joined forces with the pro-amnesty folks to defeat his bill.

The fact is that if the anti-illegal folks had their way with this bill, in a year they would have so many people mad at them that it would greatly hurt the cause of the anti-illegal movement, much like the overreaching on the local business license rule has led to gutting the rule and leaving us worse off than before.

Because, make no mistake about it, even those who hate the idea of illegals voting would have been pissed off at having to take time out of their own busy schedules to prove to the government that they were legal citizens.

If we had passed Marshall's bill, we would have stopped illegals from registering. Then we could have taken the next step, which would be to allow the registrar to revoke registrations when it was found that the registrant was not a legal resident. We didn't need to force everybody to prove their innocence -- over time, it all would have settled out.

But because of their stupidity, we have no bill, and illegals can still register to vote, so long as they are willing to say they are legally here.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who is Obessed with Race?

This past week Attorney General Eric Holder proclaimed that, when it comes to race, we are a "nation of cowards".

While it is unfortunate that our country's AG is so quick to generalize and stereotype, it is certainly true that a good number of people in our country are scared to death when it comes to race.

And incidents like this week's flare-up over a New York Post cartoon attacking the stimulus package are a good reason why.

See, over the past two months, the Democrats in the House of Representatives, led by Congressman David Obey, have crafted a horrible attack on the foundations of American Society, which they called the "stimulus" bill.

And the New York Post knows that this bill is a piece of garbage which will do little if anything to help our economy, except for the general good that spending an extra trillion dollars would do to ANY economy.

And also this past week, a woman was mauled by a chimpanzee, which had to be killed. And a New York Post cartoonist noticed that, much like the woman was mauled by a chimpanzee, our nation has been mauled by the democrats who wrote the stimulus package.

And since the chimpanzee was shot to death by police, the cartoonist drew a picture of the chimp being shot by two police, with a caption suggesting we needed someone else to write the NEXT stimulus bill.

Now, if this were 2004, with republicans controlling government and Bush in the white house, such a cartoon would be well-accepted. Heck, people drew all sorts of cartoons with chimps, and baboons, and other animals to depict various members of the republican party, including Bush, Powell, Rice, and other members of the administration.

But now we have a "Black President". And apparently, some dimwits think that this "Black President" actually wrote the "stimulus package", when in fact he had nothing to do with it. And further, these people (who supposedly are the "enlightened" people) equate black people with monkeys, so when they saw a monkey in a cartoon, they immediately thought of Obama, even though he is neither a monkey nor the author of a stimulus package.

And then they attacked the cartoonist for "being racist", when it was these people who were the racists for thinking Obama was a chimpanzee, and idiots for thinking he wrote the stimulus package.

So, when Eric Holder says we are cowards when it comes to race, he should look at this incident, and realise that no white person alive is "comfortable" with ANYTHING having to do with race, since anything a white person does will be misconstrued as "racist".

We will NOT have a proper colorblind society so long as people define themselves by their color, expect to be treated special because of their color, think that acheivement should be measured by their color, want handouts and laws favoring them because of their color, and so long as any person of color feels comfortable launching vile, unprovoked and unwarranted attacks on white people's character simply because they are white.

We could start with the notion that black people need blacks representing them in politics. It's time to stop drawing congressional districts to ensure "black people" get elected. The nation, which is 80% NOT BLACK, just elected a "Black Man" as president. If blacks can't be represented by white people, then how are 80% of the people of this country represented by a "Black Man"?

Fact is, white people learned long ago that the "Black Man" could well represent them. And given that the Democratic Party can only find it in it's heart to allow ONE "Black Man" to sit in the U.S. Senate (and they may be trying to throw him out now), I'm thinking the minorities in the Democratic Party are quite used to being represented by rich white fools.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

God will not condone taking innocent life

Today Barack Obama made a statement that is true, even though Obama doesn't appear to understand the truth of what he said:

We know there is no God who condones the killing of an innocent human being.

Here is the video:

The One True God does not condone the taking of innocent life (as this is not a religious discussion, we will gloss over the inconvenient truth that "none are righteous, no not one").

But surely there is none as close to "innocence" as those humans who have yet to breathe their first independent breath -- and these are the very ones who Obama has worked so hard to kill.

Further, it is interesting that he invokes this claim as a way of suggesting that all religions are good. But in fact we KNOW that there are people who, in the name of their religion, kill innocent people, and who even use their scriptures to condone this.

So Obama is using his imperfect concept of God and innocence and religion to espouse a world view that is false. And he seems to be formulating a foreign policy based on his misguided, religious notion of the basic goodness of humanity.

If this were a conservative Christian, the ACLU and the anti-religious forces would be up in arms over a President who used his misguided religious beliefs to guide his actions.

The truth is that there are religions which want us dead. And Obama, like it or not, is our President, and as our President he has an obligation and a duty to protect us from those people who follow religions which want us dead.

And, like it or not, President Obama, it is your constitutional duty to wage war against those forces of religions which seek to destroy our country -- not to try to play nice under some dangerous and naive notion that "people of faith" can't possibly do us harm.

How many of us will have to die before Obama wises up? Fortunately, we are still relatively safe in our country. Unfortunately, allies like Israel may suffer tremendously at the hands of those anti-innocent religious fanatics who will kill them, while Obama tries to make nice.

I feel like I'm in one of those movies where people are being killed left and right, and the poor misguided non-hero is standing there in the middle of it all, looking around in bewilderment, and saying "but they are a PEACEFUL PEOPLE".....

Summary: Obama knows that the one True God will not condone killing the innocent. But in his misguided naivete, he will refuse to protect the truly innocent unborn children from the evil hands of doctors who will torture and brutally murder them with the permission of their ignorant mothers, while he makes nice with "people of faith" who will seek to do the same to the rest of us.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Should a president be burned out after two weeks?

I realise these are trying times. However, a young, well-fit President like Obama should be able to last more than two weeks, even if he wasn't taking time off for super bowl parties and roasts.

Sometimes I get burned out at work, and just use a half-day of vacation to get out and get some fresh air. But I'm pretty sure I didn't do this two weeks after I started the job.

But today, exactly 14 days after taking the oath of office, Obama had had enough of all the pressure of defending democrats who failed to pay their taxes, so he and his wife ran off to read books at a local elementary school.

Oddly, no news media made fun of him for doing so, not at all like they treated Bush when he had a scheduled elementary school reading that was interrupted by the 9/11 attacks.

Obama of course is in a critical time for his new administration, trying to figure out if government can do anything right for the economy. But already he's managed to pick 3 nominees that had to quit, he's made fun of the DC school system for not risking it's children on icy roads, and held a super bowl party while millions of hard-working americans were losing their jobs.

He also found time to attend a private comedy roast.

And now, to escape the heat of the oval office, he hid with a bunch of school kids, who were rightly happy to have him.

And when Obama was asked why he was there, and not doing his job, Obama said:

"We were just tired of being in the White House."

I know a lot of people who are tired of Obama being in the White House. But my goodness, it's only been 14 days. I think Clinton lasted longer before he threw up his hands and said he had never worked harder but he just couldn't keep his campaign promise and give a child tax credit.

And it's not like Obama has been working 24/7. One day he was just wandering around and stumbled into the press office, only to leave after they had the audacity to ask him why he was there. And he threw a grand Super bowl party, which the media spun as showing how much better he was than Bush, since Bush would have gone to bed early instead of spending taxpayer dollars on beer and pretzels.

OK, I don't know if they had beer and pretzels.

Oh, and last week he had a coctail party. This is supposedly part of his plan to "return the white house to the people". Of course, we aren't invited to his parties, only elected politicians and people he can try to bribe into supporting his agenda. Somehow this is more "open" than the Bush policy of actually living in his house.

A President has to have a social life as well, and I don't begrudge a man the superbowl. But 3 parties, a half-dozen fluff interviews, and a reading trip all in the first two weeks?