Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Someone Stole the Republican Signs from 234 Bypass

I spent the day putting up signs. I was very encouraged that all the major intersections on 234 bypass by my house were well-covered already, with more than a dozen signs at each of 3 intersections. So I was able to cover some less-travelled roads.

I was out at 2pm today.

Well, tonight I thought I'd show my daughter, after we put up some more signs, how well the intersections we had done last year were done. I drove out at about 11pm, and EVERY ONE OF OUR SIGNS WAS GONE.

Yes, literally DOZENS of Republican signs were stolen from the 234 bypass, within 24 hours of the election.

I am so pissed off right now. It's a lot of work putting up signs, getting them the proper distance from the road, making sure they are visible. They aren't like phone calls, annoying people.

I noticed that nobody had stolen the random Pandak sign that I saw, only the republican signs. But to be honest, I don't think there were any democrat signs at any of these intersections.

I did see bunches of signs at my polling place for the democrats, our signs haven't been put up yet (I presume someone is doing that in the morning).

Now that I've seen how republican signs get stolen, I understand why we put our signs out right before dawn at the polling places, so there's less opportunity for our signs to be removed. The democrats of course have nothing to fear putting out their signs the evening before.

I guess this is one more example of the win-at-any-cost mentality of the democrats this year. Its the mentality that blocked the republicans from putting the name of their candidate on a ballot in Texas, which might lead to a democrat who has less than 35% of the vote in polls winning the election.

BTW, (this is the DeLay race), having blocked Sekula-Gibbs from the regular election (she will win the special election in a landslide, proving that she IS the person the people of the district really want to represent them), the democrats spent a MILLION dollars contacting voters. NOT to get them to vote for Lampson -- they contact REPUBLICANS, and told them to WRITE IN someone who was NOT the republican, although they said he was a "republican".

Yep, they are trying to split the republican vote by spending a MILLION dollars to confuse the people of the district into voting for an independent, which they might get away with because they blocked access to the ballot.

In Florida, they tried to block simple signs telling people at the voting booth that in order to vote for Negron, they should cast a vote for Foley. Can't have an informed electorate -- an educated, informed electorate is a democrat's worst nightmare.

So in Virginia, Webb hides his views, is silent on the issues, and insteads runs a 24/7 smear campaign, aided by the Washington Post which hides the fact that the Webb campaign is behind all the smears (well, the WP does a lot of smearing itself).

In Ohio, two bloggers connected to the campaigns of multiple democrats, (they run the web sites for most of the candidates) are running an infiltration campaign sending democrats to pretend to be republicans to sign up for the GOP GOTV effort. They are given a fake script to annoy the people they call. Another Democrat group is calling republicans from 10pm-3am, tellign them they are doing a survey for the republican candidate and holding them on the phone for up to 10 minutes before hanging up on the people.

Other places (like virginia) there are democrats pretending to be republicans, generating complaints from democrats about "unethical campaign tactics".

Of course, we know about the orchestrated effort in Virginia to deface republican signs -- someone went through the trouble of printing up hundreds of stickers to put on the signs of republican candidates.

Oh well, tomorrow it will all be over. If the republicans manage to hold the house, I will take particular glee in it all.

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Anonymous said...

Might it be the local Government pulling the signs from the road way.......I would suggest that might be the case.....In fact I'd put some money one it. They have been seen clearing the sides of the roads and intersections. A simple Freedom of Information Request might clarify this.