Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kerry still lying about what he said.

Kerry has issued a semi-apology, apologizing for any hurt he may have caused, but saying that "hurt" was caused by a "misinterpretation" of his words, rather than admiting that his words themselves were wrong.

But when he was interviewed, he said that he had just gotten ONE word wrong. He then said that he meant to say "they got US stuck in Iraq", but he accidentally said "they got stuck in Iraq".

Except that is not what he said. His exact words were: "you get stuck in Iraq". Not "THEY get stuck". He explicitly said that if you didn't get a good education, YOU get stuck in Iraq.

Anyway, this story should die out now that some of the more SANE democrats have called for Kerry to apologize (Webb is notoriously NOT one of those SANE democrats, in spite of his more sane call for Kerry to apologize two years ago for other remarks Kerry made against the troops).

Kerry has done as much of an apology as the media would require from a democrat; Kerry won't endure 3 weeks of the Washington Post finding individuals to talk about the way his words hurt them.

And they won't bother asking Webb why he didn't seek an apology, but rather defended Kerry's joking about our troops in Iraq.


Anonymous said...

Webb is still backing Hanoi John's original statement and claiming it was only a minor mistake. Time for the Allen campaign to quote the idiot along with the picture of Webb and Hanoi John. Burn his bridges behind him so he can't retreat.

Charles said...

I disagree. This didn't start with the Allen campaign, they haven't had anything to SAY about it, and they should and certainly WILL stay out of this.

Virginia is a conservative state with a lot of service people. Those fine men and women don't need the Allen campaign to point out the obvious to them -- they can see Kerry using them as foils for his lame jokes attacking their commander-in-chief.

And they can see Webb backing the wrong horse in the fight.

Charles said...

Ragnar, in this explanation, Kerry misrepresented what he actually SAID, in order to say he only messed up one word instead of TWO words.

What was the point? He already said he messed up the joke, why lie about what you are on record as saying, was messing up two words really that much worse than messing up a single word?

I've read the speech, I know that Kerry was attacking the president in the paragraph before he started on his education speech. I even know that Kerry wouldn't miss a chance for a cheap shot at the president.

But the FACT is that he said the WRONG thing, he said the troops were stupid, and he should have apologized for what he SAID, just as I apologized for calling you a moonbat even though I really just meant to say that you wrote like a moonbat.

So yes, I believe what I wrote here, because Kerry lied about what he actually said, I heard both his original words and his statement and in his statement he claimed he said "they" when he said "you".

BTW, I still think he owes the PRESIDENT an apology, along with the troops, for his ORIGINAL INTENT.

He shouldn't be making false claims about the president for cheap laughs, and he shouldn't be using the troops as a foil for his jokes.

Being stuck in Iraq is no laughing matter, and if you really believe the President messed up getting us into the war, making a joke about how he did it because he was stupid is NOT funny, it is insulting, cruel, and counter-productive.

For those who think Iraq was wrong, the lesson to learn isn't that we got into Iraq because the president was stupid (he is not), but because a LOT of smart people, including John Kerry, believed faulty information. Kerry voted for the war, along with a lot of other democrats. We are not stuck in Iraq because Bush didn't apply himself.

BTW, I don't believe we are "stuck" in Iraq. We could get out at any time if we wanted to. I hope the democrats at least believe this, because they are on record wanting to get out quickly, and if they think doing so would be disastrous then why would they support it?