Friday, November 03, 2006

Waldo Slimes for Webb, Webb is still Silent

Waldo has a scurrilous piece up at his blog about Allen's ex-wife supposedly accepting too many drinks from some guy she met on an airplane last year. The story continues that, having gotten her pretty drunk, the guy claims she said all sorts of things about her husband.

Mrs. Waddell (Allen's ex-wife, she's remarried) denies the claims. Her statement is here:

Statement of Anne Waddell
October 31, 2006Contact: Press Office703.845.3689
ARLINGTON, VA – Anne Waddell, Senator George Allen’s ex-wife, released the following statement today:
“I am thoroughly disgusted by the baseless allegations and insinuations that have obviously been orchestrated by George’s opponent for the Senate.
“It is not a secret that George and I were once married and divorced over 22 years ago. Because a divorce is a very personal matter, we decided to keep the records sealed, and I believe and insist that this is proper.
“However, George’s opponent is trying to make something more of this matter. And I will not stand for it. George was, and is, a wonderful person and to try to make him into something else is deceitful, wrong, and will surely backfire against Mr. Webb and his allies. These types of last minute, desperate attacks are why so many Americans are disgusted with politics. It is a baseless, cheap shot.
“Let me make it perfectly clear. If I were still a resident of Virginia, I would proudly cast my vote for George Allen.
“I admire him as a person and as a dedicated public servant. Unlike some others in Washington, he is a man of integrity and character who has always been a loyal friend and hard-working elected official.
“I agree with George on so many issues and appreciate the humor and personal charisma with which he approaches adversity.
“George Allen is an outstanding United States Senator. I am proud to call him my friend and I urge Virginians to return him to Washington where he can continue to work for them.”

But to the insane people who support James Webb, not only is Allen a born liar and cheat and racist and bigot, apparently so is his ex-wife, and his mother, and his grandfather, and pretty much every republican who lives in Virginia who is thinking about voting for him.

I'm sick and tired of the Webb campaign dragging people's family members through the mud in their disgusting attempt to win an election that they could never win on the issues or on what is best for Virginia.

I won't link to Waldo's post, you can go find it yourself if you care.

I sent an e-mail to Webb asking him to put a stop to this, but I don't expect him to respond to THIS attack from his supporters any more than he has responded to any other. Webb has shown a remarkable lack of character in this campaign -- not only has he used baseless charges against his opponent and his opponents family, has hasn't even had the common decency to stand up for what he is charging, prefering to hide behind the likes of Lowell Feld and now Waldo.

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