Thursday, November 02, 2006

Proof Stark phyiscally attacked Allen supporters

Stark has been claiming he simply was asking a question. The liberal media took his word for it, just as they take the word of anything Webb supporters and campaign staff say without question (like the lie that Sidarth was the only minority at the Breaks event).

Anyway, Ben T over at NotLarrySabato has been pushing the story that Stark was mistreated by Allen campaigners, and many of his contributers have made a big deal out of the "thuggery".

Now that the proof is out, Ben is backtracking {ED NOTE: See below for retraction} , hoping to salvage whatever is left of his once-deserved integrity that he has lost floating fake polls and rediculous charges.

Here's the "video" showing Stark attacking an Allen supporter at the event, BEFORE several Allen supporters finally showed him the door. You can see Stark has his left hand on the guy's arm, and his right hand pushing the guy in the chest. Then you can see him push the guy out of the way, and finally elbow him before looking back to see his handiwork.

UPDATE: Ben comments that he feels characterizing his statements as "backtracking" is misleading because he never gave a different point of view. I think I can live with that, so I withdraw my "backtracking" comment. However, I feel "pushing" the story is a valid comment because he did post more than one thread on his web site, and claimed the guy was "assaulted" which I don't believe is accurate given what Stark had done to provoke the reaction.

The comments about Ben's credibility is my opinion, and is not offered as fact. I believe that he is admired by many of his commenters.

After the election is over, we'll see if Ben comes back to what in my opinion would be the reality-based world or not. Both sides will be much better off after this election.


Not Larry Sabato said...

Charles, you are on my nerves. Here's why.

You keep attributing comments or feelings to me, based on the comments on my site.

All I ever said was the guy was assaulted, and then called him a "victim" when I linked to his letter. I never condoned his original behavior, or said he did nothing wrong. I also never accused him of any wrongdoing because no evidence had come forward to suggest that. These pictures out tonight, clearly show wrongdoing on his part, and I am particularly disturbed with how close he came to the Senator as the Senator was exiting the room.

My problem is when you use the word "backtracking". Charles, my first post on this was probably 20 words long in total, there isn't much to backtrack from, nor am I backtracking. I never took a position on his behavior pending further evidence, and now that we see it, I did take a position against him. Waiting for evidence is not backtracking, sir.

Not Larry Sabato said...

When I say based on the "comments on my site", I am refering to the other commenters and not myself obviously.

Jack Landers said...

Looks to me like a guy pushing his way to the front in the the same way that boorish people always do at big events like that. It sure ain't assault.

I also note with interest that Stark is wearing an Allen sticker on his shirt. Now why did Allen's people have to go and assault that guy and probably lose a vote that they're really gonna need next week?

Charles said...

Nice try, Jack, but if you get on the web and go to the newspaper web site which has all of the stream of pictures, you will see that Stark purposely places hands on the man and pushes him back through the door.

However, the ENTIRE incident is really just as you said a case of boorish behavior, and if I were the Allen guy I wouldn't think twice about it.

But Stark is pressing charges, and claiming he was assaulted by Allen Staffers, and the willing media picked up that story and made this an attack on our Senator, something that, after the election, I am certain the smart people posting now will all agree is STUPID.

This incident has absolutely NOTHING to do with Senator Allen or Webb or who should be elected. It tells us NOTHING about Allen, or Webb, that Stark went whacko in order to try to get attention and effect an election.

And yes, Stark is wearing a sticker, so why didn't CNN say that an "Allen Supporter, wearing a Blue Allen Sticker, was ATTACKED at an event"?