Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Has Webb returned Kerry's Money Yet?

Democrat Senate Candidates across the country are rightly but belatedly calling for John Kerry to apologize for insulting our soldiers. I haven't seen Webb's call yet, but I'm sure he got the message from the DSCC.

The question is will he return the money Kerry gave him, tainted as it now is.

Update: WMAL reports that Webb refused to call for Kerry to apologize:

Webb would not comment on whether Kerry should apologize for his remarks. Kerry has said that he had botched a joke and his comments were misconstrued, but Webb said -- quote -- ``he needs to work on his punch line.''

"He needs to work on his punchline?" So Webb thinks it's fine to use the sacrifice of our troops in Iraq for a sick political joke, so long as you get the punch line right?

Meanwhile, while Webb is carrying the water for John Kerry, Kerry has once again acted like a good democrat and done a "cut and run" on his policy of "apologizing to no one".

Webb should never have joined the democrat party. They abandoned him as a soldier in Vietnam, and Kerry just abandoned him again when Webb thought he should fight for Kerry.

In other words, Webb is defending a man for a comment that was so awful that the man he defended has APOLOGIZED now for the remarks.

Will Webb now retract his statement of support for Kerry's "botched joke", and return the hundreds of thousands of dollars of money Kerry gave him?

Not likely.


Jack Landers said...

Kerry insulted Bush, not the troops. It's not our troops who got us 'stuck in Iraq.' It's Bush, who failed to do his homework on the middle east.

Somehow I don't see a whole lot of political risk in talking trash about a President with an approval rating in the 30's.

Anonymous said...

Jamk lander is correct....If anyone watched Keith Olberman and saw the unedited version of Kerry's speech it's crystal clear (even with the botched joke.)

But if you're asking about tainted money...When is George Allen going to return the hundreds of thousands he obtained from the fundraiser that Folley threw for him down in FLA?


Mason Conservative said...

Anon: Allen donated the money to a victims rights group. FYI.

Hey Charles, I saw over at A-Team that you said a poll is out that has Allen up 47-43. Have a link?

Charles said...

GM, no, I don't have a link. I can't even remember where I read that now, and I haven't seen it pop up on RealClearPolitics yet (it might not because it was a McClatchy poll).

I "trust" my source, but that doesn't mean he is right about it.

Charles said...

jack, of course Kerry thinks Bush got us "stuck" in Iraq, but he was talking about who WAS STUCK in IRaq.

Certainly HE is not stuck in Iraq, he's right here. Bush is not STUCK in Iraq. It's the TROOPS that are "stuck" in Iraq.

Charles said...

The 47-43 may have been the latest Mason Dixon poll, which we already knew about.

There was a recent article about the "McClatchy poll", but they apparently do the Mason-Dixon polls, and the story was quoting the earlier Mason-Dixon results. We haven't had a new M/D recently, but RealClearPolitics dropped the M/D poll off their list.

I noticed that RCP is using Rasmussen's "leaners forced" number which helps Webb, but using the unforced numbers for the Roanoke poll, which would have favored Allen.