Sunday, November 05, 2006

James Webb with Chuck Schumer on Judicial Filibusters

According to the organization StopTheACLU, Chuck Schumer has reassured his democrat colleagues that the supposedly "moderate" democrat senate candidates are all on board with the liberal democrats filibusters to oppose mainstream justices who refuse to re-write the constitution.

James Webb, who has claimed to be an "independent" voice, has refused to rule out joining them.

From StopTheAclu:

Casey, Webb, Ford & Tester Agree To Schumer Filibuster Pact
Schumer is reported to have assured Democrats that Bob Casey Jr. — despite running as a moderate Senate candidate — would be supportive of Democratic efforts to block constitutionalist judicial nominees. “There’s no worry on judges,” said Schumer. “And judges is the whole ball of wax.” Other supposedly centrist Democratic candidates including Harold Ford Jr. (Tenn.), Jon Tester (Mont.) and Jim Webb (Va.) have refused to rule out filibusters against judicial nominees.

This could be very important, because of other rumors circulating about Justice Stevens:

For the past several weeks, there has been a rumor circulating among high-level officials in Washington, D.C., that a member of the U.S. Supreme Court has received grave medical news and will announce his or her retirement by year’s end.

Here's the irony -- the democrats have launched an assault on the judiciary, making it into a political arm of their party after a history of judicial independence (as shown by the fact that, while 7 of the current justices were appointed by republican administrations, that includes some of the most liberal justices, including Justice Stevens himself, along with David Souter -- and also some of the justices the democrats speak highly of, like O'Connor and Kennedy.

But because the justices have become so active in writing laws, some single-issue voters became highly motivated to ensure that justices were picked who would give power back to the people. If it weren't for the Supreme Court picks, I wouldn't be surprised to see social conservatives let the democrats have the senate, but with a judge position on the line, the social conservatives will come out in force.


Janie said...

I'm hearing that it's not the obvious Justice Stevens who is ill but Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Stevens will be 86 in a few months, so he might want to retire even without health problems.

If democrats insist on filibustering Supreme Court nominees and will not permit confirmation, then so be it. The court can function quite well without one or two liberals.

Citizen Tom said...

A candidate can call himself or herself a conservative, moderate or liberal, but if that candidate runs as a Democrat, that candidate is a Democrat. Even if they restrict themselves to our two party system, candidates have the choice of running as either Democrats or Republicans. If a candidate runs a Democrat, that means that he accepts the Democratic leadership and much of the Democratic agenda. That means he intends to vote for the most part with the rest of the Democratic Party.