Monday, November 13, 2006

Vote for BMW!!!!

I'm not really sure what Cindy Sheehan was selling here, looks like she's got herself a corporate sponsor....

Update: As anon noted, I messed up the punchline. Vote Mercedes!!!!


Greg L said...


Good catch!

Anonymous said...

Potential for a great joke . . . but then you blew it.

That is the Mercedes symbol.

Charles said...

Yes, it is the Mercedes Symbol.

But then, I certainly wouldn't tell you to vote for something Cindy supported now, would I?

Excellent observation though, Anonymous.

Charles said...

TO clarify my last remark.

Yes, I did get it wrong.

So yes, I was trying to make fun about getting it wrong, by noting I wouldn't want to vote with Cindy, but that was just another joke.

Don't want anybody to think I didn't mess up my title....