Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So, When Obama says the future is not for those who "slander"

Mohommed (by telling the truth about him, for example), is that because he knows we'll get blown up or otherwise murdered? Because in this, Obama does speak the truth -- unless we make a stand, the future is not for those who do not submit to the islamic state. Some religions will win you over by flattery, others by deception. Then there are those who will threaten violence if you do not submit, and will kill you if you try to leave. Better to stick with the truth. The religions of men may be fun, may be enticing, or may be threatening -- but none will lead you to the promised land, or truly satisfy. Obama, sorry if I've slandered you, or some so-called "prophet" (why is it that Jesus is just Jesus, but Mohommed is now "The Prophet Mohommed"? is the entire media afraid of being suicide-bombed?). Except the truth is not "slander". You should try it sometime.

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