Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Harry Reid admits Obama Administration a Failure

For two years, Obama and the Democrats have been trying to sell the notion that the economy is improving because of their policies. However, once in a while a Democrat will slip up and admit that they have royally screwed up our economy, to the point for example where 8 percent unemployment is considered a GOOD thing. Today, Senator Harry Reid, once again trying to explain how his complete inability to pass a budget in the past year and a half since the start of the previous year's budget is actually the Republicans fault, let again slip that the Pelosi/Reid/Obama economy is a sham, a shambles, a pathetic shell of what was a once great American Economic Engine (from the National Review):

This budget that we have spent so much time talking about is really about making tough choices, hard choices, difficult choices. The American people understand this. They understand tough choices. They have to make them every day, especially now with the economy being in the shape it’s in; so should their representatives in Congress make tough choices.
Yes, especially now that Obama and his incompetent allies Reid and Pelosi have weighed down business with inexplicable regulations and onerous burdens, thrown the housing and other markets into disarray, and worked overtime to suppress the growth of the economy, all the while pretending they have our best interests at heart. Of course, Reid wouldn't think to actually have his party MAKE any touch choices. The fiscal year started October 1st; yet he never passed a budget during last year, or even after this year started. And he still hasn't passed a bill to fund the rest of the year, which would then be reconciled with the hosue version.

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