Saturday, September 18, 2010

How the Grinch Stole Healthcare

This is not mine, I found it at NetRightNation:

Just something to remember as you keep reading story after story of doctors, medical supply and technology companies, hospitals, and insurance companies abandoning the health care field or greatly raising their costs.

We had a pretty good system that needed to be tweaked. Obama took that system, and destroyed it, and gave us a system that won't work, and will cost people lives.

The only upside is the rest of the world will learn that they've been leaching off of us for their health care, and maybe figure out that they too have the wrong prescription for the world's survival.

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Health Rate said...

Yes...the system was working fine and did not need to be restructured. Let's hope that we look before we leap into some of these major changes in 2014. There's still time to read the bill!