Sunday, March 08, 2009

In 2007, Democrats promised change. Hope you are happy.

I was cleaning out my e-mail, and stumbled across an article from mid-2007 written by Larry Kudlow. He was commenting on the new Democratic Majority's promise to change things. As he pointed out, at the time the market was at an all-time high, housing values were up 200%, unemployment was at near-historic lows, oil prices were dropping, and our deficit had been cut in half.

And he asked the obvious question -- what exactly where the Democrats going to change?

The answer is now clear. The question is why anybody who actually had any money saved would ever have voted for the Democrats or Obama -- and whether anybody who used to have money before the Democrats took over would make that mistake ever again.

Obama may be a good President for the unemployed and those who spent money they didn't have. Democrats are good at supporting their constituency, which apparently are a mix of people who don't invest, people who don't work, and people who have money but never had to work for it and have it protected. Oh, and I forgot tax cheats.

But, to paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, socialism is great for the have-nots, until they run out of "haves" to steal from. Which Obama is taking care of in record fashion. At some point, maybe Obama will realise that if the nation is bankrupt, the Russians and the Chinese and the Palistinians aren't going to come bail us out. And you can't give away health care if you don't have it to give. And, well, all of us really did want to retire some day, even if Obama is too young to give a damn.


Cargosquid said...

We sounded the alarm then. Even now, our sheep, uh, citizens, refuse to see what has happened before their eyes. Our citizenry refuses to pay attention to politics until, well, never...

And so, this happens. HOPE n' CHANGE! Why is it that the populace refuse to ask, "Change to what?"

Charles said...

I seriously never believed Democrats could do as badly as some on the conservative side claimed. I knew they had bad policies and a bad philosophy of government, but I had fallen into what was the trap of thinking there wasn't that much difference between the two parties, that everybody wanted our country to succeed.

I now have to admit that I was wrong, and that the leadership elected by the Democrats, and in fact the majority of Americans, really and truly want to destroy this country in order to turn it into something different, something they think is better.

Oddly, Obama has a 4million house and Pelosi is a multi-millionare and Warner is a successful businessman and, well, you get the picture -- they are the rich, just they don't seem to respect hard work and capitalism.

Alexander Hamilton said...

Seems to me that Obama is the best shot we have at turning this country around after a costly 30 years of GOP ascendancy that bankrupted the country and left us weak on the world stage. I'm looking at you Bush. (My comments are reasonable, you should post them. Don't be afraid of liberals, we're pretty harmless on the whole.)

Charles said...

I wish I had lived in a country that had 30 years of GOP ascendancy.

So far as I can tell, we've split the Presidency, and held the house and senate together a grand total of what, about a 5th of my lifetime?

During the Bush Presidency, the Democrats controlled the house for 2 years, and the Senate for almost 4 years. There were only 4 years in my lifetime when the Republicans held the house, senate, and the White house, and they were some of the best economic times of my life.