Monday, November 03, 2008

Vote McCain -- Obama 1.5 hours late for his rally.

McCain is no conservative, and I disagree with him on a lot of issues. He loves to work with Democrats, and to compromise, and to do all those things that the media always tells us are important in a good leader.

I disagree with Obama on everything, and he's a liberal who never works with Republicans on anything, and would if he was republican be dismissed as a far-right extremist.

But because the media wants a Democrat, they pretend McCain is out of the mainstream and they hide everything about Obama so people might think Obama is just an ordinary moderate.

Vote McCain.

I'm stuck here within a mile of Obama's "final rally", I've had to listen to their music, and all their speeches. Obama was supposed to be here at 9pm, but it's 10:30 and he's not there yet.

Obama can't even show up on time for his own rallies. He is no way ready to be President.


Anonymous said...


i waited from 5:30 till then senator obama got there. Transportation problem in nova - go figure. not a problem for us, but we're real dems who represent!

the wait might have caused you to vote for senator mccain and gov p,
but it seems that the other 99,999 of us that were there were ok with waiting and infact opted to vote for now president elect Obama.

why were you there anyway? stuck in traffic going to a HSM meeting ;-)


when i was working the Gainesville polls tuesday i was able to get from my R friends some scoop about how to throw a great victory party.

more of that damn sharing...


Charles said...

Bruce, thanks for stopping by. I wasn't at the rally, it's just that I live about a half-mile from the fairgrounds, so we could listen from our front yard.

My daughter wanted to hear him, and she was the one who was complaining that he was so late because she had to stay up.

And then in the middle of his speech the helicopter moved over our house so we couldn't hear.

I figure "lateness" is as good a reason to vote for McCain as the reasons people gave for voting for Obama. I'd rather vote for the person prepared for the job than to send a message, but we get what the people want.

Charles said...

BTW, Bruce, if you actually read my blog (and I would love if you did), you would know that I was highly unlikely to show up at an HSM meeting.

And you should probably thank the HSM folks -- I think most of them voted Obama just to punish McCain for his attempts to work with Democrats to solve the immigration problems in this country.

And now that the Democrats have punished him as well, I guess all of that 'reaching across the aisle' and "working together" stuff we hear so much about is a thing of the past.

I certainly don't expect Obama or Rahm Emmanuel to be "reaching out" to me or people like me anytimg soon. Obama is my President, but he probably won't do the job for me.

Anonymous said...

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