Saturday, September 20, 2008

Killing 2 Babies to detect 3 Down's babies

Sarah Palin's VP candidacy shines the light of truth on the issue of Down's syndrome babies. Often the discussion focuses only on the hardships for parents, suggesting that Down's babies should be killed to spare the parents the trouble.

Others argue that the Down's baby itself should be killed to save the baby from a lifetime of being a Down's child. Four million living Down's cases today seems a reasonable counter-argument to that bizarre claim that humans would be better off dead than alive.

But now a study in the UK shows that there is a far greater toll exacted by the modern-day biogenicists who seek to breed a more perfect humanity by brow-beating mothers into killing their unborn on the off chance they will be down's children.

From lifesitenews:

LONDON, September 17, 2008 ( - The invasive procedures used to detect Down syndrome in unborn children result in the miscarriages of two healthy children for every three Down babies detected, a British study has found.
The DSEI research, which authors admit is only an "estimate" of the number of deaths of non-Down children, is backed up by findings published last year by Dr. Hylton Meire. Meire calculated that for every 50 children with Down syndrome successfully identified and killed by abortion, 160 non-affected babies are lost by miscarriage after the test.

Note that the referenced previous findings are actually much worse than 2 deaths for 3 aborted Down's kids.

This is an estimate, because, as the authors note:

The NHS admits of a miscarriage rate of only one to two percent following the invasive testing. However, the NHS only tracks statistics for Down syndrome children killed by abortion or who subsequently die as a result of miscarriage. The DSEI researchers said that the official statistics do not count the number of healthy children lost to miscarriages caused by the tests.

If you use the NHS numbers, for every 100 amnios, there would be one dead child. But since they only track dead Down's children, the statistics for healthy babies are hidden from the public.

According to this study:

The study's researchers, from the charity Down Syndrome Education International (DSEI), estimate that in the process of detecting and aborting 660 Down babies annually, screening leads to the deaths of 400 babies who do not have the disorder in England and Wales alone. Based upon their findings, the researchers are calling into question the ethical standing of the government's policy of offering screening to all pregnant women.

I remember having the discussion of Amnio for one of our children, because of an "abnormality" detected in an ultrasound which later proved to be a false reading. They did tell us there was a serious risk of losing the baby.

Now, imagine a test on a born child, which detects something for which there will be no treatment, that is done solely for the pleasure of the parent, and which has a 1/100 chance of killing the child.

We'd not only ban the process, we'd banish those who thought to do such a thing.

But because we are talking pre-born children, our medical profession seems to see nothing wrong with killing thousands of healthy, wanted babies in order to enforce their new world order where down's children are wiped off the face of the earth.

Governor Palin chose life for her Down's child. Barack Obama says he wouldn't want his children to be "punished" for a mistake, so he supported killing babies that are already born, if they are born as a result of a botched abortion.

But I wonder if he supports killing thousands of wanted healthy children simply to identify the "undesirable" children to be killed by abortion.

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