Saturday, August 30, 2008

Democrats Happy Gustav will hit New Orleans

I've come to expect a lot of disgusting things from the democratic leadership. But I've thought they still, in their hearts, cared about the people of this country.

So when Michael Moore got together with Keith Olberman and joked about how great it was that New Orleans was going to be devastated by another Hurricane, I figured the Democrats would have to at least to pretend to distance themselves.

But now a new YouTube video has surfaced. This isn't a couple of far-left hate-mongers like Moore and Olberman. This is current Congressman Jack Spratt, a leader of the Democratic Party, and Don Fowler, the former head of the DNC.

And in this video, we hear the two laughing -- about the Hurricane which is certainly going to kill people. They are laughing because it will do so during the Republican convention. Fowler sickenly says "this proves that God is on our side", as if God would send a Hurricane to kill people in order to help the Democrats.

Sorry -- if there is a supernatural force that would use death and destruction to help a political party, it isn't Heavenly, it is from the depths of hell itself -- which at this moment is where I think these two DNC operatives can go for their evil thoughts and statements.

Here's the video:

Here's the Transcript, as best I can do it:

"The Hurricane's going to hit (chuckle) New Orleans about the time....

The Timing, at least as it appears now, is that it will be there (chuckle), ...

that just demonstrates that God is on our side.

Everything's Cool"

I wait for the DNC to denounce these men for their hate-filled comments.


Anonymous said...

you can tell he wasn't being serious
get a life bud

Anonymous said...

agree, who was filming?