Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why Some don't want Greg in the party

If any one wonders why Greg Letiecq isn't all that welcome in the Republican party, one needs look no further than this comment about the party's presidential candidate. Remember, this is a man who has been a life-long Republican, who served his country honorably in the military, who was a prisoner of war, and who on a good number of issues has carried the fiscal conservative banner.

Of course, he has some moderate and even liberal positions, but he has generally held them honorably, if stupidly. He's hardly the choice of conservatives, but he is the choice of the Republican party. And an unfortunate part of being part of a party is that if you can't get YOUR candidate nominated, you support the guy that is nominated.

Some people don't get that, and as such don't belong IN a party. That's fine -- party politics are not for everybody. Some people should be independents, so they can support who they want.

My guess is that some of Greg's erstwhile county Republican supporters won't be so quick to jump to his defense after this. For example, O.P Ditch:

To O.P. Ditch, a retired Air Force colonel, the choice for president is as clear as the headline on his Web site touting Republican John McCain, a fellow veteran: "Our troops deserve a qualified Commander in Chief."

That website: Vets for McCain.Com

Here is what Greg Letiecq has to say about this Veteran:

"Conservatives need to fully understand what a lying, traitorous piece of trash John McCain really is, and never again allow such a reprobate to secure a Republican nomination."

Now maybe some will understand why (too few) republicans stood up to stop Greg from voting for McCain's delegates to the National Convention. Greg is his own man, and he should stick to his own party.


Anonymous said...

McCain's a moron if he thinks he can promote amnesty and still get anyone favoring the rule of law to support him. Greg L. is doing the McCain camp a huge service by pointing this out.

Spank That Donkey said...

The only way to get the Conservatives in America to vote for McCain for president is to have the Democrats put up candidates like Kerry, Hillary, and Hussein...

If McCain truly wanted to reach out to Conservatives he would tap Rep. Duncan Hunter as VP.

It would end a lot of teeth gnashing

Anonymous said...

Greg L. is dead on. As soon as McCain starts acting like a conservative instead of a tree hugging, foreign sympathizer, we'll all jump on board. That we should support the Party at all costs sounds a bit communist to me.

And one further note. The party is withering on the vine. If what's left is representative, we're in trouble.

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