Sunday, April 13, 2008

Speaking of the PWC Republican Committee

Lyle Beefelt was chosen as the new chair. I am pleased, as I have deep respect for Lyle, and also respect for anybody who is willing to sacrifice himself by signing up for this position.

He takes over a committee that is strong in some ways, and weak in others. 151 people have asked to be members. We have some good victories, some things have been going very well. We also have rifts which Lyle may be able to heal because it appears he has respect from the different factions.

It remains to be seen whether some members of the committee can ever be satisfied with what the committee does. But if some of the same things happen again as happened last year, and in the years prior, I hope people will begin to see that sometimes it isn't the leadership, but those being led, that are the problem. :-)

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James Young said...

Well said. The main problem is that those who yearn so desperately to be taken seriously clearly are unworthy of such treatment.