Friday, March 14, 2008

So, How are the Democrats Doing? Pretty bloody awful.

A few months after Bush took office in 2001, Democrats started blaming him for everything that was going wrong with the economy and elsewhere in our country. I said at the time that people who take power deserve a certain honeymoon.

When the Democrats took power in January of 2007, I was still of the same opinion. It takes time to start implementing your agenda, and you can't really expect to accomplish much in the first 100 days. So while I did rib the Democrats (since they PROMISED to do stuff in the 1st 100 days), it didn't seem right to really blame them for not getting off to a good start.

But a honeymoon is not a permanent state. And certainly now, over a year into their legislative control, we can judge them by the state of our country relative to when they took office -- at least on those things where they have taken actions.

And how are they doing? Well, since they took office:

  • The price of oil has almost doubled
  • Job growth has been cut in half
  • Home ownership, having grown for 6 years under republican rule, dropped for the first time in years
  • he average family grocery bill has increased about $70 per month
  • The stock market has lost about 10% of its value
  • Home prices have fallen roughly 8%
  • Inflation is up over 4%
  • Consumer confidence has tanked
  • Most people think we are heading into a recession

It's hard to imagine a worse record. Oh, well there was that time in 1929. Anyway, here's an entertaining video which examines how the Democrats have done with their time in power:

"A more recent history lesson".

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