Monday, December 17, 2007

Why Hispanics think it's Racism, part 2

Last week, a man broke into a house and killed three people in Woodbridge. The man was an illegal immigrant, according to the newspaper, who no doubt researched the person's background.

Contrast that with how the President of Help Save Manassas identifies "illegals":

Here’s an interesting anecdote. I have no idea how common this might be, but stuff like this never helps to relieve widely-held concerns that the behavior of some of our (most likely) uninvited guests in this country may be counterproductive to good order in our society:

I witnessed something at the Walmart that is so clearly representative of what’s going on with illegals in this country, with their disrespect for our laws, and the willingness of citizens and business to look the other way. In a drink isle crowded with shoppers, we all watched while a Hispanic guy (complete with t-shirt with the Mexican flag and a tear-drop tattoo by his eye) ripped open a box of bottled waters and took one. ...

The question is, what was it that tipped Greg and the writer off to this guy's illegal status? That he was Hispanic? That he had a tattoo? That he had a Mexican flag on his shirt? Or simply that he broke a law?

Sure, the guy COULD be illegal. So could that nice oriental person at the Chinese restaurant, the Slavic lifeguards at the pool, and even that good-looking English girl who helps you find the perfect gift at Macy's.

But I wonder if Greg thinks that every Hispanic in our county is an illegal immigrant? If so, he's a perfect counterpart to Gary Jacobson, who doesn't believe in illegal immigrants, but only as he put it this week, "over-quota immigrants".

But so long as Help Save Manassas has a leader like Greg, people like Gary will have a following. Extremism begets extremism.

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Anonymous said...

They think it is racism because the MJM, COMPOST and other supporters of illegals tell them it is. Do you ever wonder why when the above fish wrappers do stories on illegal aliens, they only discuss hispanics?