Sunday, November 04, 2007

It must be the last weekend, because RK is lying full-time now.

Raising Kaine's latest unsupported smear is found here, where they accuse Jackson Miller, a SWORN OFFICER OF THE LAW, which HIRING high school kids to pull down signs of his opponent and replace them with his signs.

The Jackson Miller for Delegate campaign has hired high school students to replace Jeanette Rishell yard signs with his own at private residences. This is the first stage in what the Republican Town Committee and Help Save Manassas have set up as their voter intimidation program.

Realise that Rishell has absolutely NO chance to get elected. I can't tell you how many democrats have Colgan and Miller signs in their front yards. The local paper, noting how much she was lying, noted that it was sad that she had thrown away any slim chance she had. And her campaign's placement of her signs at the anti-citizen illegal immigrant banner in town sealed her fate.

So the suggestion that a person in law enforcement is not only commiting a crime, but has actually paid others to commit crimes, is actually libelous.

And since Raising Kaine is closely associated with the Democratic Party of Virginia, Virginia, who has made this entire campaign one of lies and distortions. The DPV should be held responsible for all of the falsehoods they have perpetrated on the electorate.

Come on, democrats. don't you have any REAL policy differences with the Republicans? If so, why can't you run on those differences, instead of lying?

For example, Charles Colgan could be a man and stand up for his principles, which apparently are the SOME illegal immigrants should be allowed to attend college at in-state rates. After all, that's what he told the Catholics in answers to their questionaire, and that's how he voted in Richmond.

Instead, he calls Bob a liar for reporting his vote, and pretends he opposes himself.

Meanwhile, the DPV attacks Bob for working on legislation to allow guns in schools. Except Bob didn't work on it. Oh, and Charles Colgan voted FOR it. So the DPV is attacking Bob for something Charles Colgan did and Bob didn't.

Of course, JMDD attacked Chap for that vote, and the RK people vigorously defended him against those attacks. But because they are Democrats, rather than PRINCIPLED people, they said NOTHING when the DPV attacked Bob Fitzsimmonds for that same legislation.

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The Deplorable Old Bulldog said...

They have differences with us, they just don't dare talk about them because they are spooky. Most Americans won't accept outright Marxists paternalistic totalitarianism so Dems hide their agenda behind the politics of deception, distortion, division and defeat.