Saturday, June 23, 2007

Childish Antics having some effect.

Mostly, bloggers behaving like children can be ignored. But once in a while their juvenile antics are infectious. When people's uncivil, hate-filled, fact-free diatribes start seriously impacting society, good people need to rise up and put a stop to it.

Greg at BVBL posts that the PWC gala was cancelled. I know he did this a couple of days ago, but BVBL is still, like a petulant child, blocking some people from reading his posts, so it can take a few days to respond to his rants.

Greg makes this statement:

Given all that’s been going on lately, it’s not too surprising that attendance at this event would be disappointing. Kopko’s intransigence in failing to address the apparent improprieties of his support of a primary candidate in the 51st District which he effectively controls, the irregularities in several conventions that have been conducted during his tenure, his open fighting with the Chairman of the 11th Congressional District Committee, as well as with some candidates for Republican nominations, and now his removal from office of his chosen membership director don’t help at all to promote unity within the party. Who exactly would want to celebrate all of this?

But the fact is, the hatred, vitriol, and bad blood is almost entirely generated by BVBL himself, along with his partner in crime, Jonathan Marks who refuses to be called a Democrat but runs the site GoodByeKen dedicated to baseless accusations and witless commentary aimed at removing Republicans from office, and making people "pay" for supposed "evil acts" such as voting for a candidate.

Further, in the REAL world, civilized people find ways to get along, and even celebrate, while having disagreements. It's only in Greg's blog world of hatred that simple differences of policy or practice become life-and-death struggles of humanity.

And it's laughable to for Greg denouncing acts that don't "promote unity within the party". The fact is Greg doesn't want unity, he wants to destroy the party, to what end I can't figure out.

So while dedicated people with years of service getting Republicans elected are still working hard for our candidates for this fall, a few petulant actors look for any excuse to attack people mercilessly for not adhering strictly to their view of the world.

Here's what Nancy Pratt, the person RUNNING the gala had to say about the cancellation:

It is with great disappointment that we have to announce that we must cancel the Gala. We worked very hard but because of the contention and people working against it and other scheduling conflicts, we realized that at this time it is not possible to continue. We are having a great many difficulties keeping our committee together and we must remember what it is we are here for. This committee is not a social club but a very important instrument to help us support political leaders who embody the Republican ideals. Many of our members have been frustrated, disappointed, angered and many other things which has been dangerous to the strength that we need at this time. I implore all of you to remember that we need each other and that the stakes could not be higher. Lets pull together and mend our fences, we need each other.

What person in their right mind would be working AGAINST a Gala to celebrate conservative principles? An unmannerly, uncivil person. And while Greg thinks it's "natural" for us to be at each other's throats, the fact is in the real world it is NOT natural. People who have been taught how to behave in a socially positive manner get along in the face of disagreements.

But the blog world is increasingly made up of people who have no idea how to act in a civilized manner, and show no interest in doing so.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen his latest posts on the alleged "Murder-in-the-Street" by five illegal aliens in Manassas Park. This report is clearly bogus. There has been no murders in Manassas Park lately, by illegal aliens or otherwise. Does his regular coterie of sycophantic scandal jackels ever call him on bogus "news"? Nope...they just lap up the scandal and shrug of the falsehoods as the price of being his pals. If he were to pronounce that flying saucers were about to land in Manassas Park loaded with illegal space aliens,I think most of his pals would show up in Manasas Park with shotguns to give the aliens a warm and fuzzy welcome.

Charles said...

Actually, I didn't see them because Greg is afraid to let me read what he writes.

It still amazes me that a blogger actually wants to blog in secret. But given his errors, maybe its all for the best.

I looked up those stories, and you are right, they are a great example of Greg often getting a story wrong.

In fact, he had TWO posts about the incident. His FIRST POST reported a rape-murder by 5 suspects. By the time he got through the 2nd post, he didn't have any idea WHAT the story was.

And his commenters, far from being disturbed that Greg has once again reported with reckless disregard for the truth, were PRAISING him:

"Greg & Redawn
Keep it up. I am confident the two of you will get to the bottom of this."

Shoot first, and ask questions later. In a more functional world, people who do this would be laughed at, not praised.

Anonymous said...

I don't read BVBL much. The only time I take a look at it these days is in response to a reference from your blog. I give the National Enquirer more credence.

It may be we somewhat overrate BVBL. When a political party grows strong enough, one thing that generally happens is that party infighting increases. Without a serious external threat, internal rivalry assumes greater importance.

At the same time, our local papers love to play up Republican infighting. They would do it anyway, but the fact that Republicans are fighting amongst == well, aren't most reporters Democrats?

As I recall, we tried a similar gala once before. Did it go over well? How popular is that format?

Anonymous said...

The real problem comes, it seems to me, when he is desperate for some sort of a news item to keep his blog on top in the ratings. He floats out a bogus news item such as the "five illegal aliens raping some woman in the street in Manassas Park and then beating her would-be rescuer to death", which could be taken as gospel by some hysterical xenophobic reader , with tragic consequences. In my opinion, irresponsible blogging to the
MAX. Take a look at the comments of his readership in response to this bogus news story. Some of them are saying they are going out to get their guns or concealed weapons permits. What happens if one of his sycophants decides to go out and kill some illegal aliens in response to one of his bogus reports? What is he going to say? "Sorry, I plead New York Times v. Sullivan."

Charles said...

You know, I don't know how past Galas have gone. I'm sure Nancy Pratt worked really hard on this and I feel badly for her, but I very rarely attend any of these kind of events.

I don't understand why we can't disagree about issues, policies, and even the outcome of elections, and still get along. The opposition has made all this personal, attacking people simply for supporting one candidate over another.

Most of us I think still just want to learn the facts, make up our minds, and then drop it and move on to get good people elected. But I don't see the "opposition" wanting that.

In fact, i'm working on a better explanation of what I see as the problem -- a cabal of losers who want nothing more than to have the committee, by executive order I guess, throw out all the winners and annoint the losers as the winners.

Like the Lucas people think that if they manage to win, all will be well and everybody will join hands and sing happy songs together.

The lessons of the last 6 years after Gore challenged a close election are lost on these people.

Anonymous said...

Charles - Most of the people we know in the Republican Party are relatively decent people, but they are not perfect. They have their passions, and they too often put themselves first; they want to win. There was only one perfect human being who wholly succeeded in putting the love of God and His neighbors first.

Have you ever wondered why God had to command us to love Him and our neighbors? I am sure you are familiar with the Bible. Is not the Bible is the story of God's plan for our redemption? Don't we need redeeming? Don't most people think first of themselves and what they want? Is that not the reason why we fight like cats and dogs?

Just as we find it easier to destroy than build, we find it easier to hate than love. So instead of loving God for the gift of life, we find it easier to hate Him for sticking us with our nasty fellow human beings. That I think is why He had to give us the command -- and the example of His Son -- to love Him and our neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Wow on the Nancy Pratt comment. I know it's a quote - but where is it from? I didn't see that on the county site, just a note that the gala was postponed.

Charles said...

The quotes are from the PWC Gop e-mail Newsletter. I couldn't find the newsletters posted to the web site, but I'm going to suggest that so we can reference the old ones without having to keep them around in our mailboxes.

I've never treated them as privileged communication among the republicans, but that's the only reason I could think of why they wouldn't be on the web site, but would be only sent by e-mail to the membership.

If so, it doesn't matter much, as almost every month someone posts all or part of them to a blog somewhere.