Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lucy Beauchamp to run as Independent

Lucy Beauchamp, current school board chair and one of two republican candidates for the Clerk of the Court position vacated by David Mabie, has dropped out of the republican nomination contest against Michelle McQuigg, and will instead run as an independent.

Story will be in the Washington Post tomorrow.

That will free up a Saturday for me.

Update, 3:42 pm:

I hear that the Washington Post heard about this before Lucy told the Republican Committee.


The story ran in the Prince William Extra, page 1, but for some reason Page 1 has not been posted yet.

I also see the "premier" local blog has finally caught up, and predictably has given Lucy somewhat favorable coverage as it pushes their agenda against Tom Kopko . I left them a nice comment explaining again to them why a convention is more fair for true republican candidates.

Also, Citizen Tom weighs in with his take, "Sour Grapes"


Anonymous said...

Definitely squares with what Michele McQuigg said at the last meeting of the PWC GOP.

This is why I like conventions. We get a conservative. While Lucy Beauchamp usually gets the support of the party leadership, the rank and file knows she is not a conservative. Nonetheless, I expect McQuigg will find Beauchamp a tough opponent.

Unknown said...

Running as an "independent" is a losing position from the outset. Lucy Beauchamp is finished in politics.