Friday, March 23, 2007

Democrats pay for surrrender votes

As I write this post, America has lost a battle in the War for our future. The Democrats were able to scrape together enough votes for a resolution to surrender to our enemies by next year regardless of the situation.

My column published yesterday dealt with the bribes the democrats needed to offer to their members to get enough of them to sell out our country.

Bush will veto this if it makes it that far, but the damage is done. Imagine instead a country where the Democrats, having won control and having seen how the Surge is working, get together with republicans to pass a nearly unanimous clean resolution showing our enemies that we are not backing down. Already running scared, it could have been their death knell.

Well, we were THIS close to acheiving that. 218-212. Two republicans voted with democrats, but that still is 216-214. Jo Anne Davis inexplicably didn't vote (maybe there's a reason) -- but that is still 216-215.

In other words, this is entirely on the Democrats. But had the vote been 215-216, Pelosi had said she would put out a clean bill, which would have gotten wide support.

3 votes. 3 votes between new life for our adversaries, or their total demoralization.

It is a sad day for our country. Our only saving grace is a President who will stand up to this crap.

If the republicans in the Senate were wily, they would force a vote on the house bill without change TOMORROW, and all vote for it -- just so we could get it to the President for VETO before the Sunday talk shows. That would send a message, and give us time to correct this fiasco.

Or better, it would force the democrats in the senate to FILIBUSTER the house bill to prevent humilation -- and that itself would send a message.

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