Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dems: Not supporting the mission.

The Democrats have gotten really good at saying "We support the troops, but not the mission".

They hate the troop's mission so much, Murtha wants to undermine their training so they can't complete their mission. In Iraq, not completing your mission means getting blown up by an IED or ambushed on a convoy or hit with an RPG or mortar.

I'm sure though the Democrats will vote full funding for the funerals, after all, they support the troops even though they want to undermine their mission.

So while they support our troops but will sabatoge their mission, they don't support the terrorists, but they do support THEIR mission.

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Citizen Tom said...

As strange as it sounds, I think the Democrats actually think they are protecting the troops. They cannot get it through their thick skulls that people with fighter jets, destroyers and tanks do not need their protection. What they need are moral support and the funds required to pay for the fighter jets, destroyers and tanks.

Our troops protect us. The threat is real. We owe our troops our support.