Monday, January 01, 2007

Jeff Dion Endorses Mike May (his opponent) for Supervisor

I was surprised to find that Jeff Dion is running a developer advocacy group. I was even more surprised to find that Jeff's group is endorsing his opponent, Mike May, for Supervisor.

Especially given that Mike May is hardly a friend to developers, while Jeff Dion has no official acts which show he isn't the developer's best friend.

Anyway, here it is, straight from Jeff's own web site:

Developers for Mike May???
December 16th, 2006

There’s a rumor flying around that Mike May has already received the endorsement of an influential group.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

And who is that group? From the link, it's "Developers for Mike May":

The Developers for Mike May website is coming soon. Please check back. Paid for and Authorized by Dion for Supervisor.

So Jeff Dion has set up an organization, Developers for Mike May, and Jeff says his group endorses Mike May for Supervisor.

When a candidate endorses his opponent, you should listen to him. Even if his reasons are ignorant.


Charles said...

It might be slick, if it wasn't that the ONLY thing on the web site is a "coming soon" and Dion's name proudly proclaiming he is the owner of the "Developers for May" organization.

BTW, hopefully May will note at some point that Jeff had no problem getting that domain and setting up that group, because no real developer was going to support May that way.

Anonymous said...

Have you actually done any homework to determine if anyone in the Dion campaign paid for this site? With 5 minutes of effort, I discovered the site was registered in April of 2006. And it was updated in December. Could it be that someone else other than Jeff Dion set up this site to make him look bad?

Charles said...

Anon, the site does say "paid for by Jeff Dion for supervisor". Which could be a lie, but if it was why would Jeff Dion's official campaign site (which I'm quite sure really IS Jeff Dion's campaign web site) link to it?